Woolies goes wild for Aussie Animals

Woolworths and Taronga Zoo are launching the latest collecting craze for kids with the educational and fun Aussie Animals collectable trading cards and activity album that reveal these facts and so much more.

From today, Woolworths customers will receive a free pack of four Aussie Animals collectable cards with every $20 spent.  Each of the 108 cards features a unique Aussie animal and a fun fact and have been specially designed for kids to collect, swap and organise in an activity and collector’s album.

As well, Woolworths supermarkets across the country will be transformed into virtual zoos to celebrate Aussie animals great and small. 

Tjeerd Jegen, Managing Director of Woolworths supermarkets, said: “The Aussie Animals cards and album have been developed with Taronga Zoo to showcase Australian animals and their native habitats.

Our native animals aren’t just in the zoo – they’re on the coast, in the bush, deserts, oceans and rainforests, and in our own backyards.  Aussie Animals will engage the natural curiosity of children, as well as getting their families interested and talking about our unique Australian wildlife. 

“The trading cards and album lay it all out in an engaging way to get our kids informed and interested in Aussie animals as a great project for the coming school holidays. 

“We are proud to partner with Taronga Conservation Society Australia and support their work in engaging young Australians to learn about our wildlife.  This program will give them the opportunity to communicate directly with the 21 million shoppers we serve each week,” Mr Jegen said.

Director of Taronga Conservation Society Australia, Cameron Kerr, said: “Partnering with Woolworths has given us an unprecedented platform for our zoos to highlight Australia’s exceptional wildlife in a vibrant and engaging way.  Aussie Animals stars our wonderful Zoo Keeper, Danielle, who gives really interesting insights into our animals and suggests fun things children can do to make a real difference for Australian wildlife.

“This joint project shows that great community and wildlife outcomes can be achieved by working creatively with partners like Woolworths, not just within the zoo but out in the community.  It is part of our larger partnership with Woolworths that is on track to deliver real and enduring outcomes for Australians to be able to choose sustainable seafood now and into the future,” said Mr Kerr.

Woolworths has partnered with Taronga Conservation Society Australia for the next three years, representing an investment of more than $1.9 million into marine education conservation programs.  These programs are aimed at helping consumers make informed choices when buying seafood, and learn more about our precious Australian marine life. 

Aussie Animals activity and collector’s album are also available for $5 each or $8 for two.  Albums include exciting and educational information plus fun games, puzzles and ways to get involved in protecting Australian wildlife.


Visit our Aussie Animals website today for more information!

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