Enjoy quality coffee in your kitchen every day with our Caffitaly coffee system and Woolworths Select capsules, available at your local Woolworths store.


Caffitaly Coffee System and Select Capsules



Caffitaly Coffee System & Select Capsules

Café quality coffee in your kitchen.

There’s nothing like starting the day with a proper coffee. With the Caffitaly System and Select Coffee Capsules, you can enjoy café quality coffee in your kitchen every day.

Made with freshly ground Arabica coffee beans, every Select Coffee Capsule allows you to enjoy great tasting coffee without any of the hassle.

The Select Coffee Capsule range includes:

  • Colombian Espresso - Made using the finest Colombian espresso beans, with a rich blend of dark, chocolaty notes married with sweet aromatic fruits, Colombian Espresso is perfect for any occasion.
  • Espresso Roast - Darkly roasted for a rich, caramelly sweetness, Espresso Roast is great on its own or perfect for a latte.
  • Smooth Roast - Lightly roasted to give a hint of sweetness, Smooth Roast blend is a coffee to enjoy at any time of day.
  • Medium Roast - Roasted to ensure a deliciously smooth and balanced flavour, Medium Roast blend is great, day or night.
  • Premium Decaffeinated - This decaffeinated blend allows you to enjoy a wonderfully smooth, rich coffee without worrying about being awake all night.

If you like the idea of great coffee at home, just head into your local Woolworths or shop online here!

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