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8 affordable breakfast ideas

oats with peaches

Tasty breakfasts to make your money go further.

From sweet to savoury, carb-filled to protein-packed, we have the perfect recipe for however you like to start your day. Be good to your wallet and yourself with these 8 affordable breakfast recipes.

peanut butter porridge


Peanut butter porridge

Elevate oats by combining them with vanilla, cinnamon, banana and peanut butter. Everyone has a favourite way to do porridge - and we reckon this just might be your new style.

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tortilla egg cups


Tortilla egg cups

Discover this quick and easy take on the egg-in-a-cup recipe by making the most of leftover tortillas. Fluffy egg and melted cheese are perfect with crispy tortillas and tangy tomatoes.

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oats with peaches


Overnight oats with peaches

The simple combination of tinned peaches and oats is a sweet winter warmer. Save time by prepping the oats the night before, then simply top with warm, caramelised peaches in the morning.

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pasta salad


10-minute breakfast bruschetta

Adding boiled eggs your way to fresh bruschetta is a tasty and satisfying way to start the day. Bonus -  you’ve probably already got the ingredients at home.

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green smoothies


Gorgeous green smoothies

Less than five minutes — that’s how long this bold green smoothie takes to make in the morning. It’s packed full of green goodness but is sweet, fresh and may just take less than five minutes to polish off, too.

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black bean and brown rice bowl


Breakfast burrito

Is it dinner for breakfast or breakfast for dinner? Either way, this egg-filled burrito is a delicious meal that’s packed full of veg. Swap out the corn or mushrooms for any other veg from your fridge, such as carrots, zucchini or tomatoes.

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breakfast tarts


Bread crust breakfast tarts

Don’t throw out your bread crusts. Use them to serve up some perfectly cooked eggs in these tasty tarts. Bread slices can be used too, if you’re making quite a few.

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easy pancakes


Easy pancakes

Whether you like bacon or maple syrup, fresh berries or lemon and sugar as toppings, this is the perfect pancake recipe using pantry staples you probably already have.

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