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8 best apple recipes

Red apples

Make the most of in-season Royal Gala apples

The juicy Royal Gala apple is harvested from mid-summer. Enjoy this delicious fruit fresh in salads, served with succulent grilled chicken or baked in desserts. Discover eight ways to use this sweet-tasting apple and become an apple expert with our handy guide.

Chicken Apple Slaw


Apple slaw

Add some zing to your meals with this easy apple slaw recipe. Serve with perfectly grilled chicken breast for the ultimate summer barbie.

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Honey-Glazed Apple Doughnuts


Honey-glazed apple doughnuts

Put an apple-inspired twist on the classic doughnut with these eye-catching beauties. Serve with a cuppa at morning tea or with ice-cream as an after-dinner treat.

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Pear, apple & fennel salad


Pear, apple and fennel salad

Perfect as a side dish, this refreshing and tangy salad with a lemon, honey and tahini dressing is a breeze to whip up in only 15 minutes.

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Prosciutto-Wrapped Apple & Chicken Parcels


Prosciutto-wrapped apple and chicken parcels

Make the most of fresh, juicy apples with this tasty apple and chicken recipe. Served alongside a rich apple sauce, these prosciutto-wrapped parcels are sure to become a family favourite.

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Mini Apple Pies


Mini apple pies

Glazed with jam, these gorgeous mini apple pies are wonderful served warm or at room temperature. We used apricot jam, but you can use any jam flavour you like.

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Apple Rose Pastries


Apple rose pastries

These impressive pastries taste as good as they look! Enveloped in puff pastry and a delicious nut mixture, these treats are a great way to use up sweet Royal Gala apples.

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Apple Crumble Pie


Apple crumble pie

Combining two much loved-desserts, this sweet and buttery apple crumble pie is not only stunning, but the perfect make-ahead dessert.

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Fluffy pancakes with maple and cinnamon apples

Topped with luscious maple and cinnamon apples, these fluffy pancakes are perfect for a cosy breakfast or brunch.

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