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10 best cauliflower recipes

Moroccan Inspired Cauliflower Steaks

Make the most of cauliflower season

Cauliflower can do it all – it can be blitzed into a creamy cauliflower soup, roasted whole or cooked into mac ‘n’ cheese. Make the most of this versatile vegetable while it’s in season with these 10 delicious cauliflower recipes. These easy meals are perfect for when you’re looking for a meat-free dinner or lunch that’s full of flavour.

Gluten-Free Cauliflower Mac N Cheese


Gluten-free cauliflower mac 'n' cheese

Is there anything more comforting than creamy mac ‘n’ cheese? This recipe has a super creamy sauce and is covered with a gluten-free parmesan and cauliflower crumb which provides the ultimate golden and crunchy topping.

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Honey Roasted Whole Cauliflower


Honey-roasted whole cauliflower

This impressive whole roasted cauliflower is crisp and cheesy on the outside, and lovely and tender on the inside. Serve it as a show-stopping centrepiece at a family dinner or as a gorgeous side dish.

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Cauliflower soup


Cauliflower soup

This delicious and creamy soup is so easy to make. It’s not only super simple, this soup is also packed with flavour. It’s perfect for making ahead or for a fuss-free weeknight meal.

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Cauliflower Schnitzel With Vegan Mayo


Cauliflower schnitzel with vegan mayo

Put a vegan twist on a pub classic with this golden and crispy cauliflower steak. Topped with a creamy vegan mayo (that you can make yourself) this is a tasty vegan meal that will satisfy the whole family.

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Cauliflower and French Onion Cheesy Cobs


Cauliflower and French onion cheesy cobs

You’ve seen traditional cob loaves, but what about mini ones with a French onion soup spin? These cheesy cauliflower and French onion cob loaves are perfect for entertaining. Surprisingly easy to make, you can’t go past the winning combo of crisp baked bread and rich creamy soup.

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Roasted Cauliflower and Asparagus Melts


Roasted cauliflower and asparagus melts

Take the open melt to new heights with this flavourful vegan recipe. Cauliflower provides the perfect base for a melt and make sure you keep the leaves attached for extra crispiness. Top off the melts with roasted mushrooms, vegan cheese, fresh asparagus and crunchy roasted chickpeas for a delightful lunch or snack.

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Moroccan inspired Cauliflower Steaks


Moroccan-inspired cauliflower steaks

A flavourful, aromatic vegetarian meal that’s ready in a flash. This Moroccan-inspired dish uses the whole cauliflower, which means less waste. This recipe is great for weeknight dinners as it’s ready in just 30 minutes.

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Mexican Cauliflower


Mexican cauliflower

After an easy dinner the whole family will love? This Mexican-inspired cauliflower bowl is bursting with fresh tomatoes, avocado and fragrant spices, plus, it’s ready in just 25 minutes. This meal is packed with veggies and utilises pantry staples.

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Layered Curried Rice and Cauliflower Salad


Layered curried rice and cauliflower salad

Take one retro classic and turn it on its head. This revamped curried rice salad is fresh and tasty, topped with a dollop of zingy Greek-style yoghurt and a scattering of crunchy pistachios.

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Air Fryer Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower


Air-fryer vegan buffalo cauliflower

Looking for the perfect vegan snack? Look no further than these crunchy air-fried cauliflower bites coated in spicy buffalo sauce. Dip these magnificent mouthfuls in coconut yoghurt for an epic flavour explosion.

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