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41 best Christmas cookies

Cherry Shortbread Cookies

Christmas is looking a whole lot sweeter with these irresistible baked treats

As the festive fun sets in and twinkling lights adorn homes, there's one more thing that completes the holiday season: the aroma of freshly baked cookies. This Christmas whip up a batch of cookies for friends and family to enjoy. Try this base recipe or choose a couple of recipes below and fill your kitchen with cookie goodness.

Christmas Tree Cookie Stacks


Christmas cookie stack

Get the kids involved with stacking up these crisp butter cookies with creamy buttercream icing to make cute edible Christmas trees. So much festive fun!

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Christmas Cookie Hacks


Christmas cookie hacks

Enjoy a family fun activity and decorate these Wagon Wheels to make fun Christmas-themed cookies. Easy to make, these cute biscuits will instantly elevate any festive spread.

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Fruit Mince Jam Drops


Fruit mince jam drop

Add these melt-in-your-mouth buttery biscuits topped with fruit mince to your rotation of homemade Christmas treats and gifts. They're simple to make and will definitely impress.

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Perfectly flavoured with warming spices, these small gingerbread-like German cookies make a scrumptious treat for festive occasions or thoughtful gifts for loved ones.

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Make-ahead Sugar & Spice Shortbread


Make-ahead sugar and spice shortbread

Preparing for the holidays can be a whirlwind, but with these make-ahead shortbread cookies, you'll always be ready for festive occasions. Infused with sugar and spices, every bite is a reminder of heartwarming Christmas memories. Batch cook and freeze to gift as dough or bake them today.

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Chocolate Crinkle Cookies


Chocolate crinkle cookies

The holidays aren't complete without a touch of chocolate indulgence. These crinkle cookies, with their cracked exterior and soft fudgy centre, are a visual treat and an explosion of rich chocolate flavours. This simple 25-minute recipe will be a hit at any celebration.

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Melted Snowmen Cookies


Melted snowman cookies

Enchant your guests with these adorable whimsical treats. Evoking childhood memories of building snowmen in the yard, these cookies perfectly capture the playful essence of a cool Christmas  and boast a sweet, buttery flavour.

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Egyptian Petit Fours


Egyptian petit fours

Take a nod to Egyptian culture with these elegant petit fours. Infused with a medley of nuts and aromatic flavours, their delicate size makes them a sophisticated addition to any festive spread.

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Gingerbread Crinkle Cookies


Gingerbread crinkle cookies

Combine the traditional flavours of gingerbread with the distinct texture of crinkle cookies and you get a holiday treat that looks as good as it tastes. You’ll enjoy the fudgy, spiced goodness in each bite.

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Caramel Kisses


Caramel kisses

Sink your teeth into the soft, chewy centre and taste the melting caramel in every bite. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth and quick to make, these kisses are the ideal Christmas gift or after dinner delight.

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Shortbread Wreath


Shortbread wreath

Not just a feast for the tastebuds, but a treat for the eyes too. These wreath-shaped shortbreads capture the spirit of the season. Its buttery taste and crumbly texture make it a nostalgic classic for festive gatherings.

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Chocolate Gingerbread Men


Chocolate gingerbread men

Add a chocolatey twist to the traditional gingerbread man with this recipe that’s sure to be a crowd favourite. A fusion of cocoa and ginger, it's what’s not to love? Get your kids involved in the baking for a family festive experience.

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Gingerbread Scrabble Biscuits


Gingerbread scrabble biscuits

A fun-filled treat that combines the joy of baking with games night nostalgia. Spell out festive messages or names, making each cookie a personalised edible note of holiday cheer.

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Star Cookie Christmas Tree


Star cookie Christmas tree

Layers of star-shaped cookies come together to form a whimsical Christmas tree, using just four ingredients. A centrepiece on any dessert table, it's a creative and delectable way to usher in the Yuletide spirit.

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Piano Key Cookies


Piano key cookies

A melodious blend of flavours and aesthetics, these treats are a tribute to music lovers. Lemon and chocolate biscuit, these beautiful cookies melt in the mouth. They may seem intricate, but you can get impressive results from a simple dough using this layer, slice, and freeze method.

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Lemon-Drizzle Cookies


Lemon-drizzle cookies

A burst of citrus amid festivities. These cookies, with their zesty lemon drizzle, bring a refreshing twist, cutting through the richness of the season and adding a tangy surprise.

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Almond and orange shortbread