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44 best Christmas sides

Crispy sage potatoes

Discover our best Christmas sides that make hosting a festive feast a breeze

Have your mains sorted but at a loss with your side dishes? We’ve got you. Bring festive joy to your holiday meals with an array of these easy, quick and/or budget-friendly Christmas sides that cater to every preference and palate. Whether you're after a pairing for classic Christmas ham, seeking lighter options, or accommodating dietary needs, there’s something for everyone.

From time-honoured traditions to contemporary twists, you'll find the perfect Christmas dinner or lunch sides that will save you time and effort in the kitchen.

Rockmelon and Burrata Salad


Rockmelon and burrata salad

Full of flavour and texture, rockmelon, burrata, prosciutto and basil make an easy summer salad. This minimal fuss recipe works well with any Christmas main. No burrata? No problem!  Use fresh mozzarella or bocconcini instead.

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts Salad


Roasted Brussels sprouts salad with whipped feta

With whipped feta as the perfect accompaniment, this easy-to-prep roasted Brussels sprouts salad will add satisfying flavour and crunch to any festive spread. Not keen on pomegranate? Try adding some roasted pitted cherries to this dish instead.

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Traybake Stuffing


Make-ahead traybake stuffing

Is Christmas prep making you stressed? Get organised in advance with this make-ahead recipe. You can freeze this stuffing – made in one tray, with sage, bacon, brown onion, garlic and rosemary – for up to one month, making the holiday season that little bit easier.

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Mojito and Watermelon Salad


Mojito and watermelon salad

Inspired by the zesty, lime-packed beverage, this salad is packed with crunchy cucumber, radish, feta and mint alongside juicy fresh watermelon. Need a non-alcoholic version? Simply omit white rum and replace it with white wine vinegar or white balsamic.

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White Bean and Tomato Salad


White bean and tomato salad

This no-fuss bean and tomato salad makes a refreshing, tangy companion to grilled meat or fish at Christmas, a summer barbecue or dinner party. And it’s easy on the wallet too, coming in at $1.51 per serve.

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Crispy Potato Bake


Crispy potato bake

This moreish potato bake (which costs only $1.28 per serve) is irresistibly crispy on top and creamy underneath. It pairs fabulously with roast meat, making it a reliable staple for your festive gatherings.

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Peach Salad


Peach salad with whipped ricotta and mustard dressing

Creamy whipped ricotta, juicy peaches, fresh herbs and a zesty mustard dressing make this super-easy salad perfect for an alfresco Christmas meal. It’s a great addition to lamb or smoked meats and comes in at just $1.84 per serve.

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Melon and Bocconcini Wreath


Melon and bocconcini wreath

Give your Christmas spread a lighter twist with this no-cook, fuss-free summertime wreath, marrying bocconcini, melon and cherry tomatoes. The shape is fun, the flavours are fresh, and it costs just $1.84 per serve.

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Salt & Vinegar Roast Potatoes


Salt and vinegar roast potatoes

Jazz up your crispy, golden spuds with this easy-to-follow recipe for salt and vinegar roast potatoes, using minimal ingredients. Each bite delivers a big crunch and amazing, tangy flavour, pleasing your guests for only $1.44 per person.

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Honey Glazed Carrots


Honey-glazed carrots

Sweet and tender, these fuss-free honey-glazed carrots are a traditional side that brings warmth and colour to your Christmas dinner table. Pair with your favourite roast meats and baked veggies.

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Ombre Gratin


Ombre vegetable gratin

This golden-brown tart with layers of colourful vegetables in an ombre pattern belongs on any festive table. To cut down on cooking time and make entertaining that bit easier, prepare veggies the night before and store in an airtight container in the fridge until required.

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Easy Mashed Potato


Easy mashed potatoes

Looking for the best mashed potatoes for your holiday spread? Follow this easy recipe for smooth and creamy mashed potatoes every time. Dollop generously with your roasted meats and fish for a creamy accompaniment.

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Crispy Sage Potatoes


Crispy sage potatoes

Duck fat is the secret to these perfectly crisp, beautifully golden baked potato slices with crispy sage leaves. With just three ingredients, this moreish side is set to become a favourite at any Christmas gathering.

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Tomato & Green Bean Salad With Mustard Vinaigrette


Tomato and green bean salad with mustard vinaigrette

Fresh and vibrant, this tomato and green bean salad dressed in a tangy mustard vinaigrette brings a lighter option to your Christmas sides. It’s the perfect co-star to any main dish.

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