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8 best cucumber recipes


Fresh ideas with crunchy, in-season Lebanese cucumbers

While sliced cucumbers make for an idyllic, relaxing spa treatment, they’re also the perfect way to freshen up your salads, burgers and salsas. Try crunchy green Lebanese cucumbers in these light and tasty recipes to make the most of cucumber season.

Healthier Green Burgers


Healthier green burgers

Proving that healthy burgers can be delicious too, this easy green veggie burger recipe ticks all the boxes. It’s tasty, quick, family-friendly and nutritionally approved. The zesty yoghurt sauce and cucumber ribbons add a refreshing touch.

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Chargrilled Beef


Chargrilled beef with cucumber and beetroot salad

Looking for a light dinner that’s ready in 25 minutes? This satisfying salad boasts perfectly chargrilled and thinly sliced beef, crunchy cucumber, dill and beetroot. Try this easy recipe for a delicious dinner or lunch.

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Chicken and Cucumber Rolls


Chicken and cucumber rolls

Your outdoor picnic is sorted with these tasty chicken rolls. Filled with fresh carrots, cucumber and tandoori mayonnaise, these scrumptious two-step subs are ready in just 15 minutes.

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Fish burgers


Fish burgers with pickled cucumber and jalapeno mayo

Make your next fish dish delish with pickled cucumber. This crunchy crumbed fish burger is brought to new heights thanks to tangy pickled cucumber and a gentle kick of jalapeño mayo. If you’re looking for a fresh new dinner idea, this recipe is for you.

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Pancakes with Salmon Cucumber and Dill Salad


Pancakes with salmon, cucumber and dill salad

Forget the maple syrup because these pancakes are a savoury sensation. This easy-to-follow recipe of spring onion and corn pancakes topped with a salmon, cucumber and dill salad and tangy Greek-yoghurt dressing will change the way you think about brunch.

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Spiced salmon


Spiced salmon with chilli potatoes and cucumber pickle

Learn how to make your own quick cucumber pickle that will perfectly balance flaky spiced salmon and crispy chilli roast potatoes. The combination of flavours in this dish is sure to impress the family.

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Crisp chickpeas


Crisp chickpeas with cucumber and tahini

Up your salad game with this sassy number. Crisp chickpeas cooked in aromatic spices, cucumber ribbons and a spiced tahini dressing. This impressive salad is easier than it looks, whip it up in just three simple steps.

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Thai chicken with pineapple and cucumber salsa


Thai chicken with pineapple and cucumber salsa

You won’t believe how easy it is to whip up this delicious dinner. Fresh, light and bursting with vibrant Thai flavours, try this recipe for succulent chicken breasts topped with a zesty salsa of pineapple, chilli, cucumber, honey and lime.

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