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23 best fakeaway dinners that are better than takeout

best slow cooker beef stroganoff

Your favourite takeaway-inspired meals can be made at home. Enjoy a budget-friendly option that’s better for your family, kinder to your budget and perfect for a night in.

Turn takeaway night on its head with a family “fakeaway” night instead. Recreate your favourite crispy buttermilk chicken or silky pad thai. For something healthier, try our selection of nutritionally approved fakeaway recipes, including fish and chips or satay chicken. Get the same delicious flavours with less strain on your budget. You might even prefer to stay in rather than order out with these homemade fast-food dupes!

crispy air fryer buttermilk chicken


Crispy air-fryer buttermilk chicken

This budget-friendly, six-ingredient recipe is guaranteed to be your new go-to Friday night feast. Enjoy our version of buttermilk chicken pieces. Skip the guesswork of 11 secret herbs and spices for our pre-seasoned Italian-style roasting portions. They’re cooked in the air-fryer for the perfect crunch!

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Lamb Souvlaki Wraps


Lamb souvlaki wraps

You don’t need to leave home to savour a Greek feast. Try these affordable and delicious bundles of lamb, garlicky yoghurt and salad. Perfect just as it is, but even better with some quinoa tabouli to add as an extra topping to the wraps. Put the Mediterranean on your table in no time. Kali oreksi! (Bon appetit!)

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vegan stroganoff


Fettuccine ragu

Enjoy restaurant-quality Italian at home with pasta night done right. This dish couldn’t be easier as you let the slow-cooker do the work and come back to tender, shreddable beef combined with fettucine and a rich pasta sauce. The best part? It’s budget-friendly as well! 

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smash burger tacos


Smash-burger tacos

Beef tacos are already a tried and true family favourite, but have you seen this creative twist for taco night? Mexican deliciousness meets the cheeseburger in this simple smashburger taco recipe. This flavour-packed dinner is super easy to make and tastes delicious.

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crispy bacon and veg fried rice


Crispy bacon & veg fried rice

Clean out your fridge and save money when you recreate this takeaway favourite at home. Make the most of leftover day-old rice, and any spare vegetables you already have. Budget-friendly and on the table in less than 30 minutes, this crispy bacon and veg fried rice is the ultimate recipe for savers.

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healthier chicken ramen


Healthier chicken ramen

You’ll thank yourself for adding this budget-friendly chicken ramen to your repertoire! Ready in 15 minutes, it’s the perfect winter meal when you’re running short on time but don’t want to compromise on flavour. Don’t forget the soft boiled egg as the cherry on top of your healthier homemade masterpiece.

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nachos pie


Nachos pie

Another creative take on two different classics, this hybrid Mexican pie is a flavour hit. The filling is cocooned in a crispy tortilla base and there’s crunchy nacho chips on top; it’s all pulled together with delicious cheesy goodness. The family will have so much fun whipping up this dinner, especially because it’s ready in no time at all.

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chicken pad thai


Chicken pad thai

This one is easy and ready in 20 minutes, so you’ll love being able to recreate this favourite for fakeaway night. Tantalise your tastebuds with silky rice noodles, crunchy fresh veggies and a crushed peanut garnish. It’s an affordable crowd-pleasing classic!

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cheese stuffed beef burgers


Cheese-stuffed beef burgers

Level up your burger night with this oozing, cheese-stuffed masterpiece. It’s budget-friendly and bound to please both little and big kids. Get your hands around the perfect homemade burger: tender beef and crispy bacon feature on a sweet brioche bun.

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healthier lebanese style pizza


Healthier Lebanese-style pizza

Enjoy a guilt-free pizza night with this nutritionally approved recipe that tastes as good as takeaway. Loaded with aromatic flavours and plenty of crunch, this Lebanese-style pizza with beef mince, red onion, tomato and tasty cheese won't disappoint.

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korean style chicken wings


Korean-style chicken wings

You’ll want to cancel plans to stay in for this saucy fakeaway! Budget-friendly and finger-licking good, these Korean-style chicken wings are coated in a sticky honey-soy sauce. As the ultimate finger food, they’ll be gone in a flash.

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banh mi chicken burgers


Bánh mì chicken burgers

Transform traditional Vietnamese bánh mì flavours into an irresistible chicken burger, complete with crunchy salad, chilli, coriander and mayo.  These budget-friendly burgers are the ultimate in fresh and tasty Asian fusion.

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simple butter chicken with naan


Simple butter chicken

Butter chicken has to be one of the most popular Indian takeaway dishes. Bring those aromatic flavours home with this super simple recipe. Budget-friendly and packed with fresh and spicy flavour, it’s a recipe you’re sure to hit the save button on.

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beef and coleslaw tortilla pockets


Beef & coleslaw tortilla pockets

What about a budget-friendly burrito for family fakeaway night? Think tender beef with crunchy coleslaw wrapped in a fluffy tortilla. Yum. Follow this easy recipe to have tasty tortilla pockets in your hands in 20 minutes.

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