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Try these 6 fantastic fennel recipes


Whether you feel like a light salad, creamy pasta, hearty soup or cosy pie, our collection of fennel recipes has you covered.

The beauty of fennel is its vibrant anise flavour. Fennel is a wonderful addition to seafood and pork dishes as well as salads, soups and pastas. Discover our top six recipes that are sure to turn you into a fennel fanatic.

quinoa beet salad


Quinoa, fennel and beet salad

This easy and flavoursome quinoa, fennel and beet salad is a gorgeous addition to any lunch table.

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fish prawn and fennel filo pie


Fish, prawn and fennel filo pie

Get cosy with this rich and aromatic fish, prawn and fennel pie recipe that’s topped with a striking arrangement of filo pastry. Serve it up as a hearty weeknight dinner.

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pickled apple and fennel salad


Pickled apple and fennel salad

This pickled apple and fennel salad is ready in 15 minutes. Serve it drizzled with a buttermilk dressing and maple-coated pecans for a next-level salad experience.

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sweet potato and fennel ham soup


Sweet potato, fennel and ham soup with garlic and parmesan dippers

This slow-cooker soup is worth the wait. Fennel elevates this soup by adding a burst of aniseed flavour, while the sweet potato and ham add richness. Serve with crispy garlic and parmesan dippers.

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pork loin cutlets


Pork loin cutlets with pear and fennel braise

Fennel adds a depth of flavour to this pork recipe. These succulent pork loin cutlets with pear and fennel braise will be ready to serve in just 25 minutes.

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clam fennel and leek pasta


Clam, fennel and leek pasta

Looking for a pasta recipe to impress your guests? Clams, fennel and leek are perfectly matched in this luxurious creamy pasta. Give it a try today.

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