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Six of the best Mother’s Day recipes from our Fresh Ideas experts

scrambled eggs

For many, Mother’s Day can be a special time of year and an opportunity to celebrate with family and loved ones. It’s a time for delicious food that brings everyone together, evokes special memories or keeps traditions alive. To inspire your Mother’s Day breakfast, lunch, or dinner this year, we’ve asked our Fresh Ideas experts for their favourite Mother’s Day recipes and time-honoured traditions. From a cafe-style scrambled eggs at home to a decadent lemon meringue pie recipe, there’s something for everyone.

Nicky H family


Chicken wonton noodle

“To me, food is love, and there's no better way to show it than with a homemade treat. In my house, family time is always about food. But it’s not just about eating; instead, it’s an opportunity to create memories and build relationships. My chicken wonton noodle soup is the only dish my son, Ashton, will cook with me.

Jose family


Scrambled eggs with feta and chives

“For Mother’s Day, my wife, my daughter Esmé, my mother and my mother-in-law usually share breakfast at a fancy cafe. The rest of the day is spent chilling out at home, with more food and maybe some wine. This year, we’re packing up and spending the weekend away in the country.

Claire family


Sticky date puddings

“When it comes to Mother’s Day, I think long lunches are the best! I love to spend the day with Mum and cook a Sunday lunch together that we can then enjoy with the rest of the family. A cheese platter to graze on is always a must. If it’s a bit cooler on the day, a baked brie with thyme and a drizzle of honey is a favourite.

Tamara family


Air-fryer scones

“Mum doesn’t always let me get in the kitchen but when I do, I love to whip up a special treat for her. She loves to cook, which is probably where I’ve got my love of food from, so we’ll sometimes cook something together, working on different components to bring together one beautiful dish.

Amanda Family


Lemon meringue pie

“As a child, Mother’s Day was always spent with my grandmother. We’d all get dressed up, travel to Sydney and lunch at Doyles (then on the pier at Rose Bay) and my mother and grandmother would be gifted pink chrysanthemums, traditionally the Mother’s Day flower.These days, Mother’s Day for me is a day off! It usually involves a brief sleep-in followed by listening to my son, Orlando, sing in the cathedral, then a relaxing day of food and togetherness.

Nikki family


Filipino Sisig

“Mother’s Day is one of my favourite days, second to Christmas. But Mother’s Day is even better because I celebrate the day together with my two sons (who do the cooking), their respective wives, and their mothers-in-law. My oldest son, Michael, loves cooking sisig. Sisig is a Filipino dish made of diced pork and pork crackling tossed with onion, chillies and served with a fried egg on top. Michael prepares the sisig on an iron plate and serves it sizzling hot. We eat together, brunch-style, and I look forward to it every year."

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