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10 best spinach recipes

Pork meatballs with spinach

Enjoy fresh baby spinach at its best

If you’re looking to use up your baby spinach, these recipes are for you. Discover new ways to make the most of those vibrant baby spinach with these 10 fresh ideas, from a creamy pasta recipe and soup to delicious meatballs and a homemade pizza, there’s so many ways to celebrate this gorgeous green. These veggie-loaded dishes are sure to have the family coming back for more.

Lamb Beetroot and Almond Salad With Pickled Onion


Lamb, beetroot and almond salad with pickled onion

This quick and easy salad recipe is packed with flavour, as well as crunch, thanks to delicious almonds. Tender lamb slices and butter beans make this salad a filling meal – give it a try for lunch or dinner.

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Dukkah Crusted mushrooms and hummus wraps


Dukkah-crusted mushrooms and hummus wraps

Marvellous mushies are coated in dukkah and grilled, then teamed with baby spinach and wrapped in soft Lebanese bread for a flavour-loaded plant-based meal that’s ready in 15 minutes.

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Spinach and Ricotta Honeycomb Pasta


Spinach and ricotta honeycomb pasta

Pasta is an all-time family favourite and you can’t go wrong when you combine it with the classic combo of spinach and ricotta. The beauty of this recipe is the clever twist of using cannelloni to create a pretty honeycomb effect.

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Quick Lentil and Spinach Stew


Quick lentil and spinach stew

Loaded with veggies and ready in less than 30 minutes, this lentil and spinach stew is the perfect midweek dinner to use up that bag of baby spinach. It’s super-tasty, too, thanks to a lip-smacking hit of chilli, lemon juice and fragrant coriander.

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Kale stem soup


Kale stem soup

Kale, broccoli and baby spinach are a power trio in this brilliant green soup. This recipe is perfect if you’re looking to waste less in the kitchen as it uses kale stems, as well as the whole broccoli, to make a vibrant, tasty soup.

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Healthier Zucchini Fritters and Quinoa Bowls


Healthier zucchini fritters and quinoa bowls

Bursting with colour and flavour, these delicious zucchini fritters and quinoa bowls are nutritionally approved, and are perfect for a weeknight dinner.

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Healthier Spiced Chicken


Healthier spiced chicken with cauliflower hummus

Whiz baby spinach and cauliflower up into a glorious green hummus, then team with succulent grilled chicken breast, brown rice and chargrilled broccolini for an irresistible healthier dinner.

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Pork Meatballs with Green Curry Sauce


Pork meatballs with green curry sauce

Give pork meatballs a green twist with a tasty curry and baby spinach sauce, then serve them up with slippery vermicelli noodles and verdant greens for a dinner the whole family will love.

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Green veggie dumplings


Green veggie dumplings

Discover the joy of making dumplings with this impressive recipe. Baby spinach gives these gorgeous green dumplings their spectacular colour, and it’s also teamed with mushrooms and spring onion in its flavour-packed filling.

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Fetta and Spinach Pizzas


Fetta and spinach pizzas

All you need is four ingredients to create this sensational homemade pizza topped with creamy marinated fetta, baby spinach and chilli. Whip it up the next time your family requests pizza for dinner and watch these tasty rounds disappear in a flash.

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