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Fresh Ideas June 2023 weeknight meal plan: Dinner under $5 per serve

One-pan Spinach & Ricotta Rotolo

Delight in these budget-friendly mealtime winners. They’re bursting with flavour and gentle on the hip pocket, all for under $5^ per serve.

“Save a few dollars with the Cheesy bacon & spinach macaroni by using ingredients you’ve already got at home.” – Nicky Harper, Fresh Ideas Magazine Manager & Fresh Ideas Expert.

Potato & Chickpea Fritters with Avocado


Potato & chickpea fritters with avocado

$4.19 per serve

Explore the robust fusion of sweet potato and chickpea that these hearty fritters bring to the table, perfectly complemented by creamy avocado salsa. On your plate in just 35 minutes, these high protein, high fibre bites are a feast of textures and flavours, offering a tasty twist to your mealtime routine.

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Tikka Fish with Naan Fattoush


Tikka fish with naan fattoush

$4.95 per serve

Experience a treasure trove of vibrant flavours with the tantalising union of spiced fish and naan fattoush. This speedy 20-minute meal is brimming with protein and fibre, and has a modest saturated fat content. A culinary adventure for your tastebuds, this dish redefines wholesome dining.

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Hoisin Pork & Onion Pancakes


Hoisin pork & onion pancakes

$4.35 per serve

Unleash your culinary spirit with these Asian-inspired pancakes, a 35-minute delight filled with high-protein goodness and fibre-rich satisfaction. With minimal saturated fat, this savoury ensemble of flavours promises a healthful feast that doesn't skimp on taste, making each bite an aromatic indulgence.

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Cheesy Bacon & Spinach Macaroni


Cheesy bacon & spinach macaroni

$3.14 per serve

Indulge in the ultimate comfort food with this mouthwatering 20-minute dish that boasts high protein and fibre. This scrumptious, budget-friendly creation is an irresistible combination of savoury bacon, gooey cheese, and nutrient-packed spinach, offering a soul-warming meal your tastebuds will thank you for.

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One-pan Spinach & Ricotta Rotolo


One-pan spinach & ricotta rotolo

$4.41 per serve

Experience the mouthwatering flavours of this delectable 20-minute dish that's high in protein and fibre. Packed with creamy ricotta and nutrient rich spinach, this impressive meal not only tantalises your tastebuds but also saves on washing up, making it a perfect choice for busy weeknights.

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*The cost per serve is calculated based on the price of the ingredients in NSW Woolworths Supermarkets at the time of publication. Though pricing is checked nationally, price and products may vary by state and may not be available in all Supermarkets. Prices may also be subject to change from time of publication. Find out more about budget recipes and meals from Woolworths here.

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