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Budget recipes and meals from Woolworths

Roasted eggplant tomato pasta

What does ‘budget’ mean for Woolworths Recipes?

At Woolworths, we understand cost of living pressures are high right now and that Australians are tightening their budgets. We also understand budget and affordability don’t mean the same thing for everyone and every household.

We’re committed to bringing a little ease to your everyday, with great value recipes, tips and products for every budget. Our goal is to help you get the most value from your shop, as you cook, feed your family and enjoy meals together. Read on to discover how we’re helping you find and make meals on a budget.

Beef hokkien stir-fry

How we categorise our 'budget' recipes

Our budget recipe inspiration considers a range of ways to help you get more bang for your buck. Our budget collection includes recipes using minimal ingredients, common pantry staples, leftovers, in-season produce and batch cooking methods. We also have specially costed recipes for $5 or under per serve. Find out more below.

Well organised fridge

Using what’s on hand

As part of our budget recipes, you’ll find ideas that use what’s often readily available in your pantry and at the shops. With these recipes, we want to help you get the most out of your shop, by stretching food further and reducing your food waste.

Make use of what you already have in your kitchen cupboards and fridge, with recipes that hero common pantry staples, leftovers and leftover ingredients. You’ll also find budget-friendly recipes that make the most of in-season fresh fruit and vegetables, which are great value while they’re in abundance.

Big batch meatballs in tomato and basil sauce

Multi-meal planning

Another way we help you save as you plan your meals is with recipes that require minimal ingredients so you have less products to buy to make a great tasting meal.

We also create recipes for batch cooking, also known as meal planning or prepping, that you cook once in bulk and use across multiple meals throughout your week. These recipes show you how to cook in bulk, store safely and use later.

Batch cooking idea

Make prawn dumplings in bulk, then use them across a few easy weeknight dinners.

One pan carbonara

Low cost cooking

Finally, our budget collection aims to provide more affordable recipes with specific meals that cost $5 or under per serve for a family of 4 people. These recipes are created and costed out by our food team in line with what’s on special, in season and generally lower in price.

Air-fryer crispy pork belly with mandarin salad

How we calculate the cost of our $5 per serve recipes

In developing meals that are more affordable for your family, the Woolworths food team reviews each and every one of our $5 per serve recipes. First meals are costed* based on the quantity of each ingredient used in the recipe. This total recipe cost is then divided by 4 servings to calculate the cost per serve (based on a family of 4 people).

Note: Common pantry and fridge ingredients are not included in the cost. These include ingredients that many already have at home and are often cooked with or used as additions to meals, such as salt and pepper, olive oil, milk or butter.

*The cost per serve is calculated based on the price of the ingredients in NSW Woolworths Supermarkets at the time of publication. Though pricing is checked nationally, price and products may vary by state and may not be available in all Supermarkets. Prices may also be subject to change from time of publication.

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