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Tam's clever ice tricks will keep you cool this festive season

Tam’s clever ways to play with ice are as easy as one, two, three.

Ice tricks
Expert Tam



“Who knew ice could be so much fun? Not to mention so useful when it comes to festive summer entertaining! My first trick is a stress-free way of making sure those beautiful platters of food stay fresher for longer on a hot summer’s day. I also love playing around with ingredients in a tray of ice cubes as a simple way to beautify water jugs, cocktails and kids’ drinks. And for an easy way to get creative with chocolate shapes for decorating cakes, making decorations or to give as gifts, our easy, iced-water method is the way to go!”

- Tamara

easy cooling trick


Get your ice on for platters that matter

Here’s the perfect serving solution for your summer festivities. All you need is two large aluminium trays and some tap water! First, fill one tray a third of the way up with cold water and place flat in the freezer until the water is completely frozen. When you’re ready to serve, arrange your ingredients on the second tray, pop that tray on top of the first one, and voila! It’s ideal for sliced fruit and veggies, as well as cheeses, cold cuts and seafood. Your food will stay fresher and last longer.

fruit-laced ice cubes


Turn your ice cubes into something special 

Add extra colour, flavour and flair to your festive drinks with these simple fruit-laced ice cubes. They look great in cocktails or in a jug of water for the table. All you need is ice trays, water and whole or sliced fruit – try whole cherries or raspberries, strawberry chunks, or slices of lemon, lime and orange. If you have silicone ice trays that make larger cubes or fancy shapes, use those; they’ll show off the fruit beautifully. You could also add fresh mint leaves or sliced cucumber, or even pretty edible flowers, such as rose petals (just make sure they’re unsprayed!).

melted chocolate shapes


Make ice magic happen with melted chocolate

Try this cute trick to create shapes for festive edible decorations and gifts. All you need is a large bowl of chilled water, plenty of ice, some chocolate (dark, milk or white: it’s up to you!), a piping bag, and a tray or two lined with baking paper. Simply pipe melted chocolate into the iced water in your desired shapes, wait a minute or so for the chocolate to set, and you’ve got some hardened decorations! It’s so easy and looks impressive to boot. My top tip: remember that when you’re melting chocolate, if there’s even a speck of water in the bowl, it will ‘seize’ the chocolate and make it go grainy, so make sure it’s completely dry before you start.

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