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9 desserts to suit any dietary requirement

Expect rich chocolate tarts, tasty puddings and summer-perfect ice-creams

Coeliac, lactose-intolerant, vegan: feeding even a few people can be hard work when it comes to catering for different dietary requirements, and dessert is often the trickiest due to common ingredients such as butter, cream, eggs and flour. Try these 10 showstopping desserts, which cater for a variety of dietary requirements.


Dairy-free summer pudding

This classic British pudding is made from slices of white bread soaked in berries. Make sure your bread is dairy-free and serve with dairy-free coconut yoghurt rather than the traditional cream. You could cater for those avoiding gluten as well by using gluten-free bread.

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Dairy-free chocolate hazelnut tart

This indulgent chocolate and hazelnut tart is proof that you can create lusciously rich desserts and still meet dietary needs. Not only dairy free, the tart base is gluten free (make sure the nut butter and hazelnut meal are gluten free), as is the filling if using gluten-free cocoa.

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Gluten-free cardamom and pistachio no-churn ice-cream

This refreshing gluten-free cardamom and pistachio ice-cream recipe couldn’t be easier. Freezing then blending and refreezing the ice-cream removes any ice crystals that may form in the first freeze. Cardamom and pistachio give this dessert an elegant spin and the sugared nuts add a satisfying crunch.

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Vegan pecan caramel swirl ice cream

Turn to coconut cream and soy milk for this delicious vegan-approved ice-cream recipe. Arrowroot powder takes the place of eggs and acts as a starch to help the ice-cream base thicken and set. Avoid using tapioca flour instead of arrowroot (they’re often listed as interchangeable) as it won’t have the same effect.

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Vegan peanut butter cups

Make your own vegan-friendly peanut butter and chocolate treats. These cups are sweet enough for a dessert but with a delicious salty hit. Keep in the freezer until ready to serve to prevent the cups from becoming too soft. Pair with coffee and tea, or mix up the recipe to make one large tart and slice into wedges.

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Vegan chocolate coffee cake

Cut up generous slices of this fudgy, vegan-friendly cake for morning or afternoon teas, at a relaxed summer lunch, or serve with fresh raspberries for the perfect end to a dinner party.

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Gluten-free custard tart

Nobody will guess this silky custard tart is gluten free. If you’re short on time, you can opt to buy ready-made gluten-free shortcrust pastry. This tasty tart is simple but full of flavour.

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Blueberry orange chia parfait

Replace the Greek yoghurt in this light dessert with a vegan-friendly option (dairy-free coconut or soy yoghurt). Prepare these parfaits ahead of time and simply sprinkle the toasted oats, pepitas and shredded coconut over each and serve when you’re ready to tuck in.

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Fruit salad sorbet

Sorbet is a wonderful alternative to ice-creams and gelatos, and this recipe is both dairy and gluten free. Use a mix of snap-frozen fruit, or freeze a selection of your favourite seasonal fruits. Another non-dairy milk could be used in place of the rice milk.

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Or view our easy no-churn sorbet steps in this quick video. It’s dairy free and gluten free. Simply swap honey for maple syrup to make it vegan-friendly, too.

*Note: While every care has been taken to ensure recipes meet dietary requirements, always check labels as ingredients differ from brand to brand.

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