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9 easy gluten-free dinner recipes everyone will love

Add these easy gluten-free dinner options to your weekly meal plan.

There’s no need to compromise on taste when you cook gluten-free, and these nine recipes are the proof. Dig into flavourful curry, creamy risotto and crispy chicken schnitzel — all made without gluten. What’s more, each of these recipes is quick and easy enough to become a staple in your weeknight dinner rotation. Explore our pick of the best gluten-free dinner recipes below.


Green noodle curry

With 15 minutes prep and 15 minutes cook time, this speedy gluten-free curry is a perfect midweek meal. It’s loaded with veg and brings a bit of spice to help you through the rest of the week. Enjoy swirled with extra coconut cream and a squeeze of lime.

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Salmon & zucchini skewers

Three steps are all you need to make these zesty gluten-free skewers: marinate the salmon, assemble your skewers and barbecue away. Enjoy them with tzatziki and green salad on the side, or make them into salmon gyros by filling gluten-free wraps with the barbecued salmon and zucchini, salad, tzatziki and even some olives.

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Easy chicken & kaleslaw salad

Add this easy gluten-free chicken salad to your weeknight dinner repertoire. Using only four ingredients, this zingy salad with green apple and feta is ready in just 15 minutes. It’s a fresh dinner option that’ll leave you feeling full and satisfied.

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Zucchini enchilada traybake

Cheesy and warming, these enchiladas are gluten-free comfort food at some of its finest. Offering a different take on traditional enchiladas, zucchini slices are used instead of tortillas to roll up the beans and cheese, making this recipe a delicious vegie-packed dinner option.

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Cauliflower, pea & mint risotto

Risotto can now be a weeknight regular on the dinner table with this easy 20-minute recipe. This recipe swaps arborio rice for cauliflower rice and heroes zesty, fresh flavours from peas, mint, spinach and lemon. Top it off with hot smoked salmon or sliced chicken breast for an impressive and speedy midweek meal.

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Healthier chicken schnitzel

Try this gluten-free chicken schnitzel recipe with a healthy twist. Coated with a herby almond crumb, the chicken is baked instead of fried, then served with a zesty coleslaw featuring fresh apple. This recipe is sure to be a favourite for the whole family and an easy dinner to add to your weeknight repertoire.

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Gluten-free falafel wraps with chilli & lime dressing

Make your own falafel and tabouli with this gluten-free falafel wrap recipe. It’s also a great recipe to make when you have extra herbs in the fridge to use up. No gluten-free wraps? Turn this recipe into a falafel salad by topping lettuce leaves with the wrap ingredients and customising it with pickles and your choice of gluten-free dips and sauces, like hummus or harissa.

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Thai beef lettuce cups

Make this gluten-free Thai beef recipe when you’re after something fresh for your weeknight meal plan. Ready in 15 minutes, these lettuce cups are filled with fragrant beef mince that’s mixed with garlic, fresh herbs, lime and chilli. With a recipe that’s so quick and so tasty, you’re sure to put this dinner option in high rotation.

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Baked pork chops

These pork chops make for a simple, no-fuss and mouthwatering meal. With only five ingredients, this recipe will have a hearty, gluten-free dinner on the table in just 30 minutes. Apple and onion are roasted together with the pork chops so the pork absorbs all the sweet, caramelised flavours. Serve your chops with the apple and onion on the side and either a green salad or this sticky apple sauce.

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