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Easy kids’ recipe for cauliflower crust pizza

cauliflower crust pizza

Pizza is one of those go-to takeaway meals. No matter if you’re pro-pineapple or have it out for anchovies, the flexibility of this cheesy Italian favourite makes it popular with all kinds of families. Read on to discover a healthier cauliflower-base pizza recipe that we’ve designed especially for family makeaway night - a tasty night in for the whole family to enjoy!

Kids will love to roll up their sleeves and help make this easy recipe, from rolling out dough to topping with fresh herbs. Bellissimo!

Before you begin: Safety First!

It may go without saying, but safety first is an important message to share with kids when they step into the kitchen with you. Teach them to wash their hands well, and set rules around handling sharp knives and touching hot objects such as stove tops, ovens and trays.

How to make cauliflower crust pizza

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Step 1: One, dough, three

This recipe is fantastic at sneaking in healthy veg, as cauliflower rice goes into the pizza base. Kids can combine all the ingredients and mix to form a sticky dough. Hands can be used if it’s easier than a big spoon!


Instruction tip
Mix things up:

Kids that are experimental with flavours may like to add some different dried herbs or spices to season their delicious dough.

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Step 2: On a roll

Using a rolling pin, kids can split the dough into three even portions and roll out the bases of their pizzas before they go into the oven. Points for the best circle shape!

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Top tip:

To avoid sticking, place a lightly floured piece of baking paper above and below the dough before rolling out. Peel off the top layer before cooking.

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Step 3: Powerful protein and vibrant veg

Encourage kids to choose a protein and veg to top their pizza with. This recipe calls for kids to shred chicken that has been poached in advance. Massaging lemon into shredded kale is also a great way to explore texture and flavour.

Instruction tip
Top tip:

This is a great step for kids to enjoy a sensory experience with different foods. Just remind them to wash their hands after handling each food item!

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Step 4: What a spread

It’s showtime. Adults remove the cooked base from the oven, and now it’s time for your little chef to assemble their pizza! First stop: passata!

Instruction tip
Mix things up:

If kids aren’t keen on kale, other leafy greens to try are spinach or rocket, but these are nicer when added fresh after cooking.

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Step 5: Pizza perfect

Kids can have fun topping their pizza with protein, veg and dairy. The more veg the better!

Instruction tip
Mix things up:

Get kids to experiment with how they decorate their pizza by creating patterns, such as a globe, spiderweb, or even a soccer ball!

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Step 6: That’s amore!

And now for the final touch: kids tear fresh herbs on top of their masterpiece. Basil goes great with this recipe, but you can encourage kids to smell, taste and then choose from oregano, parsley, or even coriander for a pizza with an Asian twist!

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