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Healthier recipe for chicken nuggets and chips

Chicken nuggets and rainbow chips

What kid doesn’t love chicken nuggets? While you’d usually get chicken nuggets and chips as a takeaway food item, read on to discover a healthier option that we’ve designed especially for family makeaway night - a tasty night in for the whole family to enjoy!

This simple and fun recipe encourages kids to try out their skills in the kitchen in a playful way. Get ready for some sticky fingers and colourful food styling.

Before you begin: Safety First!

It may go without saying, but safety first is an important message to impart on kids when they step into the kitchen space. This includes washing hands, allowing adults or older kids to handle sharp knives, and awareness of hot objects such as stove tops and ovens.

How to make chicken nuggets and chips

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Step 1: Crumby business

To make easy and healthier chicken nuggets, a homemade crumb is the way to go. Kids can portion the ingredients into bowls, and have fun whisking eggs!

Instruction tip
Mix things up:

If you’ve got a creative cook in the family, ask them what they might like to add to their crumb. It could be chia or sesame seeds, different dried herbs, grated cheese or even their favourite nuts. Get kids to name their own crumb something fun; such as Carlie’s Cheesy Crunch!

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Step 2: Spice it up

To make your rainbow chips, you’ve got to have colourful vegetables such as sweet potato and red capsicum. Adults can chop while kids can season the chips to taste delicious!

Instruction tip
Mix it up:

Does your Fresh Food Kid like their food a bit spicier? Feel free to add chilli flakes or paprika if they can handle the heat, or if they’re too cool for any spice, some dried herbs such as rosemary, oregano or thyme. 

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Step 3: Sticky fingers

Step three is the most fun because it’s where things get messy! Adults cut chicken breast into bite size nuggets, and kids can dip chicken in flour, then egg, then crumbs!

Instruction tip
Top tip:

Mess is fun to make, but make sure everyone’s hands are washed thoroughly before and after handling the raw chicken for best cooking practice.

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Step 4: Complete the rainbow

Don’t forget the final colours of the rainbow! Adults chop veggies such as pre-cooked beetroot, and asparagus, with kids adding the flavourful seasoning again.

Instruction tip
Top tip:

If kids aren’t keen on asparagus, other green vegetables to try are zucchini, snow peas or green beans!

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Step 5: It’s munching time!

Adults remove hot trays from the oven and portion nuggets and rainbow chips out to kids.

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Step 6: Create a masterpiece

Kids can arrange chips and nuggets into colourful creations on their plates! Play a game of noughts and crosses, or simply create a delicious picture. Make sure kids have all the colours to create their rainbow artworks.

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