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Easy kids’ recipe for Mexican beef burritos

Mexican beef burrito

Mexican takeaway is a popular dinner choice for families. You might love Taco Tuesdays, or Fajita Fridays, but why not mix things up a bit: instead of getting dinner from your local, make it at home and get your kids involved in the fun.

This Mexican beef burrito recipe has been designed for family makeaway night - a tasty night in for the whole family to enjoy, and for kids to learn and explore in the kitchen!

Before you begin: Safety First!

Whenever kids step into a kitchen environment, ‘safety first’ is an important message to maintain. Teach them to wash their hands and set rules around handling sharp knives and hot objects. Make sure it’s clear that an adult or older child is in charge of these tasks, and that kids are never unsupervised!

How to make Mexican beef burritos

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Step 1: What’s your flavour?

When cooking Mexican for dinner it’s all about the spices. This recipe marinates flank steak in ground cumin, paprika, oregano, crushed garlic, and, if you can handle the heat, some dried chilli flakes.


Instruction tip
Mix things up:

Kids may like to sniff and choose additional spices out of ground coriander, garlic powder, onion powder, black or cayenne pepper and chilli powder.

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Step 2: Station set up

While the meat is absorbing all that delicious spicy flavour, get your kids to help set up serving bowls to be used when the wraps are ready. Place ingredients into separate bowls, making sure you have plenty of fresh veg, grains and dairy.

Instruction tip
Mix it up:

Pick plenty of different choices for fillings, and make it fun by using vegetables that make up the colours of the rainbow!

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Step 3: Do the salsa

Fresh salsa is tangy and tasty, and when you make it yourself you can add whatever you want! Kids can squeeze zesty lime and mix all ingredients together once chopped.

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Top tip:

Fresh herbs make a great addition to salsa. Add some mint, basil, coriander or parsley - yum!

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Step 4: Sizzle time

Adults or older kids can supervise cooking the steak, with five minutes on each side achieving a medium rare result. Slice after resting.

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Top tip:

Rest for 6 minutes to make sure your steak is nice and juicy!

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Step 5: That’s a wrap

Self-serve stations are great for letting kids put together their own dinners. Ready, steady, assemble the greatest wrap ever!

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Instruction tip
Mix things up:

Kids can practice different rolling techniques. To make things really fun, make up a short rap about how awesome their dinner is!

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