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Easy kids’ recipe for sushi

Chicken & Avocado Sushi

Convenient and delicious, sushi is a great takeaway meal. But did you know it’s easy to make at home? Here’s a fun recipe that kids can help make. You don’t need any fancy equipment, just a little bit of patience and an attitude for fun.

Get your kids to learn how to make sushi for your next family fakeaway night - a tasty night in for the whole family to enjoy!

Safety First!

It may go without saying, but safety first is an important message to share with kids when they step into the kitchen.

From washing hands to allowing adults or older kids to handle sharp knives, and an awareness of hot objects such as stove tops and ovens, teach kids the basics they need to succeed when cooking in the kitchen.

How to make sushi

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Step 1: That’s some nice nori

Begin by getting kids to help set up the sushi rolling station. You don’t need any fancy equipment such as a tatami mat for this recipe - a tea towel will do just fine.

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Top tip:

Have a bowl of water handy to dip fingers into when you’re ready to roll.

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Step 2: Keep it cool

Once you’ve cooked your rice and seasoned it with soy and vinegar, spread it out on a tray so it cools quickly.

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If you can’t find sushi rice readily available at your local Woolworths, arborio rice is the next best thing.

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Step 3: Smash and shred

Shredded poached chicken is an easy and healthy way to add protein to your sushi recipe, and smashing avocado with a fork is a super fun activity for kids to try.

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Make sure adults or older kids are slicing the cucumber, and keep the thickness consistent for even sushi rolls!

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Step 4: Fill it up

Using your set up rolling station, position all the ingredients within easy reach. Get your kids to layer rice first, then top with lines of filling.

Instruction tip
Mix things up:

There are so many options to mix and match in your sushi roll. Swap raw carrot and cucumber for snow peas, sprouts, blanched beans - the sky’s the limit!

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Step 5: Get rolling

Get your kids to dip their fingers in water and wet the top strip, then using the folded tea towel, gently lift and fold the top of their sushi roll over, starting from the bottom. Keep going until it’s all rolled up.

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No need to rush! Being careful and patient is the trick here. Adults may need to lend a helping hand to keep the tea towel even.

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Step 6: Slice and serve

Adults can now slice the sushi into bite-sized portions, and kids can try their hands at using chopsticks - if not little fingers can easily grab instead!

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Instruction tip
Activity time:

Blindfold kids and get them to taste each other’s sushi and guess the flavours. Whoever gets the most ingredients correct gets out of washing the dishes, or gets to choose the movie for your family night in!

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