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7 easy recipes to make with kids

Egg, spinach & hummus sandwich

Get the kids into the kitchen with these easy recipes

Teaching kids how to cook is a great way to get them thinking about the ingredients, time and preparation that goes into making an edible masterpiece. They’ll taste test, gain confidence and even better, learn their way around the kitchen. By planning what goes into their lunch box or helping with dinner, eating will become all the more rewarding. Try these delicious recipes with the kids today.

Choc, date & coconut balls


Choc, date & coconut balls

These choc, date and coconut balls are ideal for kids with beginner cooking skills. Pop all the ingredients into a blender and then the kids can get hands on by rolling out evenly sized, scrumptious bliss balls. They’re perfect for lunch boxes or as an afternoon snack.

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Banana and carrot muffins


Banana & carrot muffins

Banana and carrot muffins make a delicious morning or afternoon tea treat. Kids will enjoy measuring out ingredients and mixing the batter – this muffin recipe only needs 6 ingredients that you’ll likely have on hand in your fridge and pantry already. Plus, they're sweetened with banana, carrot, and only two tablespoons of honey for the whole recipe.

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Salmon and pasta salad


Salmon & pasta salad

Once you’ve cooked and cooled the pasta, your little chef can pretty much take over this recipe (with a little supervision, of course). Get them to combine the tinned salmon, parsley and steamed broccoli, and toss through a lemony, olive oil dressing; these simple steps are perfect for introducing kids to savoury cooking.

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Traffic light sandwiches and snacks


Traffic light sandwiches

Ready, set, go! This recipe is fun for little ones as they get to fill their delicious sandwich with traffic light colours. Simply cut the tomato, chop the spinach, and grate the carrot, then let them assemble their own creation, ready for ‘big lunch’.

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Bagel pizzas


Bagel pizzas

This healthier bagel pizza recipe is as kid-friendly as they come. Simply cut the bagels in half and let your little one spread the tomato sauce and sprinkle with their favourite toppings —  easy-peasy! After-school snacks are served.

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Feta and kale puffins


Feta & kale pasta muffins

A mix between a pasta bake and a muffin, kids will love this cheesy snack. Little hands can measure out ingredients and mix the batter for the muffins, before scooping into a muffin tray, ready to bake. 

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DIY fruit yoghurt


DIY fruit yoghurt bowls 

This DIY fruit yoghurt can be made ahead of time for lunch boxes or enjoyed as a snack. Simply spoon the yoghurt into bowls and let them choose their favourite, in-season toppings. Berries and pumpkin seeds or banana and chia?

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