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10 healthier BBQ recipes to try this spring

Healthier grilled capsicums stuffed with brown rice salad

Hero in-season fruit and veggies at your next barbecue

From burgers and pasta salads to tacos and barbecue skewers, we’ve taken your favourite barbecue dishes and given them a fresh, healthier twist. Plus, every recipe features in-season fruit or vegetables, which means you can learn how to cook with produce while it’s abundant this spring. With easy, delicious and nutritionally approved recipes for mains, salads, sides and desserts, your next barbecue is sorted.

Healthier Grilled Chicken, Raspberry & Grain Salad


Healthier grilled chicken, raspberry and grain salad

You can’t go past this grilled chicken salad for your next barbecue spread. Fresh and zesty, this salad recipe is filled with wholesome freekeh, lentils, roasted almonds and in-season raspberries.

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Healthier Grilled Capsicums Stuffed with Brown Rice Salad


Healthier grilled capsicums stuffed with brown rice salad

Need something meat-free at your barbecue? Try this stuffed grilled capsicum recipe. Chargrilled on the barbie, these juicy, cooked capsicums are filled with a zesty brown rice salad including pine nuts and currants.

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Healthier Charred Asparagus & Pasta Salad


Healthier charred asparagus and pasta salad

No barbecue is complete without a pasta salad. This nutritionally approved pasta salad recipe makes the most of vibrant in-season asparagus. Combined with crisp snow peas, toasted pine nuts and fresh mint, this recipe is sure to take your pasta salad game to a whole new level.

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Grilled Mango with Lime Yoghurt


Grilled mango with lime yoghurt

The barbecue isn’t just for savoury cooking. Have a go at grilling mango cheeks on the barbie to result in a gorgeous caramelised flavour. This fresh dessert makes the most of juicy mangoes while they’re in season, it’s just what you need to celebrate spring.

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DIY Prawn Tacos With Green Salsa


Prawn tacos with green salsa

Prawns on the barbie anyone? This healthier taco recipe is bursting with juicy prawns and a vibrant salsa that features many colours of the rainbow. Kaleslaw, charred corn, herbs, orange segments, avocado and in-season tomato are just some of the delicious ingredients you’ll find in this recipe.

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Barbeque Skewers With Tzatziki And Pita Dippers


Barbecue skewers with tzatziki and pita dippers

These quick and easy lamb and veggie skewers are packed with in-season spring produce, such as tomatoes, capsicum and mushrooms. Plus, learn how to make your own homemade tzatziki that's bursting with juicy in-season cucumber – it’s so delicious you’ll want to make it again and again.

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Sweet Chilli & Lime Chicken Wraps


Sweet chilli and lime chicken wraps

In-season iceberg lettuce and grated carrot make for a delicious combo in this chicken wrap recipe. Succulent chicken is grilled and combined with fresh veggies, making this wrap a winner when it comes to feeding the family. Whip up this sweet chilli chicken recipe in just 15 minutes.

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Healthier Burgers


Healthier burgers

Every barbecue needs a mouth-watering burger option, so next time you fire up the barbecue, try this healthier burger recipe. The patties are made from beef, onion and in-season carrot, and can be prepared ahead of time. Grill them on the barbecue and assemble – you can’t go wrong with classic fillings, such as beetroot, onion and in-season tomato.

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Nectarine, Mint & Watermelon Slushie


Nectarine, mint and watermelon slushie

It’s important to stay hydrated when you’re outside grilling up a storm and there’s nothing more refreshing than this superb slushie. This is a great way to make the most of in-season watermelon. Simply blend ingredients together and add a sprig of mint to garnish.

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Watermelon Pizza


Watermelon pizza

This clever dessert wins the award for the most colourful pizza and the most ingenious use of fruit. It’s an easy, healthier sweet option to bring to a barbecue, or prepare in advance. Layer up watermelon with a yoghurt and cottage cheese spread, berries, coconut and crunchy pepitas. This eye-catching dessert recipe is the perfect way to end your barbecue festivities.

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