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6 healthier recipe twists for your next summer BBQ

DIY barbeque skewers with tzatziki and pita dippers

Tips for a healthier barbecue feast

Whether it’s a tasty steak, succulent chicken skewers or chargrilled veggies, we’ve got top tips on how to turn your summer barbecue into a healthier yet mouthwatering affair.


Use lean meat or seafood

Opt for lean (or trimmed) meat such as beef, lamb, pork, kangaroo and skinless chicken or fish and other seafood. You can also try experimenting with plant-based options such as tofu or veggie burgers. For a tasty barbecue dish, try this healthier BBQ chicken skewers recipe which uses chicken breast; the leanest part of the chicken. Most lean red meats don’t have enough fat to sustain a slow cooking process and are best cooked over high heat and fast.

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Switch to whole grain

Make the switch to whole grains for your next barbecue. These delicious steak wraps use whole grain wraps for a source of fibre, as well as grated zucchini (yes, you can eat it raw!), crisp lettuce leaves and wholegrain mustard for an absolute taste sensation.

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Steak and salad sandwhich


Make salad-stuffed steak sandwiches

As delicious and satisfying as a burger is, try our steak sandwich with all the trimmings for a taste that will knock your socks off. Opt for leaner cuts of meat in your next steak sandwich and add pickled veg to the fillings for texture and zing.

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Peach salad with whipped ricotta mustard dressing


Serve your salad with fruit

Add fruit to your salads for a refreshing twist to barbecue sides. Pair wedges of peach or slices of mango with rocket for a hint of sweetness. To incorporate some texture, throw in apple for crunch, or pieces of juicy watermelon. Try our peach salad with whipped ricotta and mustard dressing, or this barbecued prawn skewers with nectarine grain salad.

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Make your own dipping sauce

Try your hand at making healthier dips like roast vegetable hummus or tzatziki with our recipe for DIY barbecue skewers with tzatziki and pita dippers. Spread these dips on steak sandwiches or spoon over your grilled veg for a flavour boost.

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Load it with veggies

Throw some veg on the barbie! Make skewers loaded with capsicum, pumpkin, eggplant and zucchini and grill them to your liking for a vegetable delight.

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