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What to make with mince

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A guide to the best recipes to make with different types of mince

Follow our handy guide for what to make with savoury mince. Make the most of this budget-friendly cut with our top cooking tips and recipes. Master a perfect shepherd’s pie, whip up chilli con carne and make the best spaghetti bolognese. Discover delicious and easy mince recipes for all types of mince from beef and pork mince to chicken mince and even plant-based mince.

Cooking tips:

To lock in flavour, mince should be browned before using it in some recipes such as bolognese, tacos or chilli.When cooking with lean mince, the lower fat content means it could dry out more easily, so keep an eye on it during cooking to avoid this. For chicken or turkey meatballs, use oats instead of breadcrumbs. Oats help absorb flavours and fats to keep meatballs moist.


Storage tips:

Raw mince within its use-by date can be kept in the freezer for up to 2-3 months. The best way to defrost mince is to move it from the freezer to the fridge and let is fully defrost before cooking. Store any leftover cooked mince in the fridge and eat within a day.Once opened, cook raw mince within 1-2 days or freeze what you don’t use. You should always follow the use-by dates on packaging.

Pork mince


Pork mince

Another all-rounder, pork mince can be made into meatballs and sausage rolls, and it pairs especially well with Asian flavours. Try Asian pork mince recipes such as stir-fries, dumplings, Dan Dan noodles or sticky pork mince bowls with Chinese broccoli.

Shop Woolworths pork mince and discover recipes for pork mince below.

Pork mince recipes

chicken mince


Chicken mince

Wondering what to make with chicken mince? It’s a great alternative to red meat, so use it in dishes as a substitute for beef mince. Besides meatballs, you can make chicken mince burgers, sausage rolls, curry puffs or even samosas. Since it’s milder in flavour, it’s a great option for dishes using lots of spices and herbs as it takes on the flavour profiles it’s cooked with.

Shop Woolworths chicken mince and discover chicken mince recipes below.

Chicken mince recipes

Beef mince


Beef mince

Wondering what dinner to make with minced beef? Beef mince is simple to cook and incredibly versatile. Use it in recipes such as meatballs, bolognese, cottage pie, hamburgers, tacos and lasagne. Shop Woolworths beef mince and discover easy beef mince recipes below.

Beef mince recipes

Lamb mince


Lamb mince

The robust flavour of lamb mince is used in many cuisines, including Moroccan Greek, Middle Eastern and Indian. Lamb mince is a staple in traditional recipes such as moussaka, kofta and shepherd's pie, but it can also be used to make meatballs, used as a topping on pizza or made into a lamb mince curry. Shop Woolworths lamb mince and discover more lamb mince meal ideas below.

Lamb mince recipes

Turkey mince


Turkey mince

Turkey mince is a great lean mince option, with a lower fat content like chicken mince. It can be used to make tacos, enchiladas, loaded nachos and burger patties. You can also try turkey bolognese, a turkey mince stir-fry or turkey lettuce wraps. Like chicken mince, it’s best used in flavourful dishes with lots of spices and herbs.

Turkey mince recipes



Plant-based mince

Plant-based mince is a meat-free substitute for beef mince that’s made from plant proteins like soy and often suitable for vegan or vegetarian diets. It has a similar taste and texture to beef mince and cooks in a similar way. You can use plant-based mince as a vegetarian alternative in any recipe that calls for beef mince.

Plant-based mince recipes

How to make meatballs from mince

Meatballs step1

Step 1

Combine mince with ingredients such as milk.Kneading the ingredients throughly into the mince, will make smoother meatballs and prevent them from crumbling

Meatball step2

Step 2

Shape meatballs. Golf ball-sized meatballs are great for adding to soups and pastas, and bigger meatballs are best for adding fillings such as cheese. When shaping meatballs, dampen your hands with a little water or oil to stop the meat mixture from sticking.

Meatball step3

Step 3

An entire corn on the cob is a fuss-free way to serve. Season and grill on the barbecue for fantastic flavour.

Meatball step4

Step 4

Remove kernels from the cob after steaming. Slice downwards with a sharp knife to remove.

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