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Nicky’s top tips to organise your fridge

The lowdown on how to get the most out of your fridge space.

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"Storing items properly in the fridge often means things will last longer, which is better for the wallet and the planet. Here are my top tips for making sure you get the most out of what you buy."


Nicky's fridge goals

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Plan well

Shop smart to ensure you don’t buy too much or end up with products you already have. Check what’s already in your fridge or panty that needs to be used, then plan your weekly dinners and only buy what you need.

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Check the temp

The fridge temperature should be set at 5ºC or below. Use a thermometer to regularly check.

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Reuse what you’ve already got

There’s no need to buy fancy fridge storage containers. Clean and sterilise empty jars, then reuse for storage.

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Mark the date 

When you have a double-up of items, label containers so you know which to use first.

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Prioritise leftovers

Designate a clearly visible area of your fridge for items you want to use up quickly, such as mashed avocado or leftover rice. Label items and write a reminder to yourself so you don't forget they’re there.

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Oldest on top 

Store older berries on top of newer ones so they’re eaten first.

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Read the label 

For opened shelf-stable condiments, always follow storage instructions.

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Isolate raw meats 

Store raw meat in containers at the bottom of the fridge to avoid liquids, such as meat juices, contaminating ready-to-eat food.

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Preserve by pickling 

Turn vegetables into pickles to extend their life. Store them in sterilised recycled jars and enjoy in salads, burgers or grazing platters. Try this easy recipe.

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Take stock 

Keep veggie scraps in a container in the freezer until you have enough to make into a stock. To make stock, place scraps in a large, deep saucepan, along with fresh herbs and garlic. Cover with water, bring to the boil, simmer, then strain to remove solids. End result? The perfect flavour base for soups, stews and more.

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Know what to keep separate 

Apples and pears emit a gas that speeds up the ripening of other fruit and veggies, so store them in their own container.

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Absorb excess moisture 

Place leafy vegetables and herbs in sealed containers lined with paper towels to absorb moisture and keep veggies crisp.

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Halt ripening 

To prevent tomatoes from ripening further, store them in the fridge.

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Use containers in the crisper

Store fruit and vegetables in airtight containers or reusable zip-lock bags in the crisper.

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