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Keep lunch boxes cool for school

How to keep lunchbox cool with insulated lunch bag

6 tips to keep your kid’s lunch box fresher for longer

A delicious and healthy lunch is packed and ready to go, but how do you know it will stay fresh for your kids to enjoy at lunchtime? Not only is warm yoghurt not tasty, it’s also not safe to eat. Try these simple packing tips that will keep your child’s lunch cold, fresh and safe to enjoy when lunchtime comes around.

How to keep lunchbox cool with frozen sponge

Hack 1 No ice packs? No worries!

Not all of us have the freezer space for bulky ice packs. Dampen a clean sponge (one you haven’t used yet!), then freeze it overnight in a reusable food storage bag. The next day, put it in the bottom of a lunch box or bag for a DIY ice pack. You can do the same with a water bottle by freezing it overnight and storing it in a lunch box.

How to keep lunchbox cool or warm with insulated containers

Hack 2: Use insulated food containers to keep food warm or cold

Insulated food storage containers are great for keeping food warm, such as soup. They’re also good for keeping food like fruit, yoghurt and apple purée cold.

How to keep lunchbox cool with resealable airtight bags

Hack 3: Keep it fresh

Toss sliced apple, peaches, apricots or pear in water or a little lemon juice to prevent browning. Pop the fruit in resealable airtight bags in the fridge to chill before packing into lunch boxes.

How to keep lunchbox cool with insulated lunch bag

Hack 4: Keep it insulated

An insulated lunch bag goes a long way in keeping food fresh. They’re easy to clean (simply wet and wipe), and ensure your kid’s delicious food stays fresh and cool. Put an empty lunch bag in the freezer the night before filling it to help lunch stay colder for even longer.

How to keep lunchbox cool with frozen bricks

Hack 5: Frozen blocks

Pack a lunch box with frozen ice blocks or bricks to keep it cool. Have different shapes and sizes to fit any type of lunch box. Frozen water bottles or juice boxes can also do the trick, keeping a lunch box cold while becoming a refreshing drink when melted. This method can dampen the inside of the lunch box though, so ensure all lunch contents are wrapped well, or are in containers to avoid mushy food.

Not everything has to be kept cool. You won’t need iceblocks for whole fruits, vegetables, canned fish, bread, crackers and some spreads.

How to keep lunchbox cool by freezing

Hack 6: Fresh in the freezer

Putting frozen food items into your child’s lunch box allows the food to slowly thaw over a couple of hours, just in time for lunch. Pack with a frozen ice block to ensure a slow and safe defrost before eating.

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