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Keep your little athlete hydrated and happy on sports day

Water with lemon slices in glasses and a pitcher

Active kids should be well hydrated so that they can focus on enjoying their time on the sport’s pitch. Here’s our handy guide so you can make sure they’re hydrated while they’re having fun.

The best choice for kids' hydration

Water is essential for our bodies, and is the best choice for keeping hydrated. During exercise we lose water through sweat, so depending on the intensity of kids’ activities, they may need to drink more during or after sports to replace lost fluid.

Sports drinks contain water and minerals (commonly referred to as electrolytes), which sound great for your little sports star but the reality is they may be high in added sugars. For most kids, it’s best to stick with water.

Dress up water to make it fun

If water isn’t your kids first choice, then you can get creative to make it more appealing, like dressing it with fruit and mint to increase its fun credentials, while adding a little natural flavour. Add strawberries to water and name it “berry strong water” for inspiration.

Half-time oranges are perfect for enjoying on the sideline but you can also add them to the jug of water on the table when they break and label it “smiley face water” as their good-luck charm. Water with lemon and mint also adds a refreshing taste.

Make water a healthy habit

Beyond sport, getting kids drinking water early on will help set up a healthy habit that’s important for their hydration throughout life. You can encourage them to drink water by helping them to create a personalised water bottle for sports days.

They can get crafty and decorate their own bottle with their favourite icons and their name. This can easily flow into creating a personalised cup at home for sipping on water. You could even graduate to a chart to serve as a reminder for water consumption.

While individual requirements will vary based on age, activity level, and the weather, it's recommended kids up to 8 years aim for at least 4-5 cups of water per day.

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