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4 ways to get your kids packing their own lunchbox

Fried rice patties lunch box

Win your kids over by getting them involved in making thier own healthier lunchboxes!

Teach your kids to pack their own lunchbox and you can have your morning back. You’re also more likely to come back with an empty box. It’s a win-win.

Getting kids excited about healthy eating can be a struggle at the best of times and ensuring they eat a healthier lunch at school can often be a challenge. Battle both by getting your kids involved in packing their own lunchbox and snacks. Here's four easy ways to make it happen:

Mini veggie pizza lunch boxes


Pick a box

Giving your kids the freedom to choose how to fill their lunch boxes should start with the box itself. Letting them choose their own lunch box from the Woolworths range will empower them to do it for themselves. They’ll be proud of their lunch box - you just need to help guide them to healthier choices to fill it!

Tortilla egg cups


Snack attack

Interactive food ideas are fun and make great snack choices. Get the kids to help make a healthier cheese dip or roast vegetable hummus to dip veggies or crackers into. Try veggie stars for finger food fun. These tortilla egg cups are super easy for kids to help make and perfect for the lunchbox, just watch our video here. Yummo!

Sandwich on a stick


Feeding imaginations

Make a game of it! Let kids be playful and creative and get them thinking about foods of different shapes and colours. Quirky ways of presenting food can inspire little ones to try healthier food options. Try these apple doughnuts 3 ways – they’re healthier than normal doughnuts, delicious and fun to make. Try this easy sandwich on a stick recipe, or get colourful with DIY fruit yoghurt.

Spiced apple and cranberry bites


Trying times!

Kids often say no to new foods – sometimes without even trying them. Introduce a new food in a snack or lunch, rather than in a weeknight meal at the end of a long day as your kids might be tired and less receptive! Also, their interest will be sparked if they help make it. Let them try these easy spiced apple & cranberry balls, make veggies fun with traffic light sandwiches, or give cauliflower a go with this cauliflower crust pizza.

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