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Ideas for your leftover Christmas roast vegetables


Save time and money by making the most of your cooked veggies

If your fridge is packed with leftover roasted potatoes, pumpkin, carrot and beetroot after the Christmas festivities have ended, then Fresh Ideas Food Editor Amanda Lennon has plenty of recipe ideas to help you turn them into something special. “Using leftover veggies is a time-saver because they’re already prepared. You’ll save money and time, and cut down on waste!” Amanda’s tip for storing your veggies? “Store them in the fridge in a large airtight container with baking paper between each layer of veg,” she recommends. “That way, you can decide which veggies you want to use and when, and they don’t get all mushed together. You can also use the same method to freeze veggies for up to three months!”

leftover roast vegetable fritatta


Veggie-packed frittata

Frittata is a great leftovers all-rounder, and a warm leftover roast vegetable frittata makes a perfectly simple Boxing Day meal. Try swapping the broccoli and bacon in this frittata recipe with leftover roast veggies, including potato, pumpkin, parsnip and beetroot, and some leftover Christmas ham. The options are endless. Mix up any recipe below with whichever flavours and spices take your fancy.

vegetable mac and cheese


Easy pasta bakes

Using roast veggies in a pasta bake makes dinner a cinch. This vegetable mac & cheese recipe is a great way to use up excess veg, bread, cheese and milk! “I used carrot and sweet potato,” says Amanda. “But get creative with whatever is left in your fridge.” You could also try cutting vegetables into bite-sized pieces and stirring them into any pasta sauce you add to your bake to give it an extra serve of veg.

vegan beetroot dip


Lucky dips

The secret to speedy entertaining? Leftover roast veggies. Pop them into a blender, add olive oil and your favourite seasonings, and whip up a tasty dip in seconds. Roasted capsicum, pumpkin, eggplant, garlic and beetroot are all excellent dip options. Try this vibrant vegan beetroot dip if you’ve got leftover roast beetroot. Amanda’s tip: roasting beetroot amps up the vegetable’s sweet, rich flavour, so your leftovers pack an extra punch here! Serve it with crispy bread, carrots or crackers.

Vegetable pie


Colourful vegetable pie

Leftover roast vegetables and pastry are a perfect match – and this layered vegetable pie is a clever way to use leftover pumpkin, zucchini or capsicum. For a portable lunch (or the perfect picnic dish!), roast veggie hand pies are a winner. Just chop up whichever leftover roast vegetables you have on hand, wrap them in store-bought puff pastry, and bake until golden. Serve with salad and your favourite sauce. Too easy!

roasted sweet potato soup


Super soups

Vegetable soups are a reliable favourite and leftover roast veggies will help you skip a few steps in the recipe process. “Have a go at making this roasted sweet potato soup,” recommends Amanda. “You could also add in some chopped leftover Christmas ham for extra flavour.” This classic potato & leek soup is a winner; try topping it with a handful of chopped leftover roast potatoes instead of croutons. And if it’s too hot for soup, whip up a big batch and freeze for a cooler day!



Boxing Day breakfast

Whether you’re just kicking back with the family or inviting friends to join the fun this Boxing Day, you probably want to serve something that’s quick, easy and delicious. Bubble and squeak is a classic (and crowd-pleasing) way to use up the last of your Christmas veggies, and these bubble & squeak fritters make the tradition a snackable hand-held delight.

Pumpkin cocunut curry


Customised curries

Give your leftover roast vegetables a refresh in a flavourful curry. Save time and skip the chopping that’s usually required; just toss your preferred veg straight into you favourite fragrant curry base. For something creamy, opt for a korma or massaman curry with potatoes or pumpkin, or if you’re after something spicy, try hot madras or Thai red curry paired with the sweetness of roasted carrots or even Brussels sprouts.

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