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Easy kids' recipe for homemade frozen yoghurt

Homemade fro-yo with date caramel & muesli

Fro-yo is a fun meal the whole family enjoys. The experience of picking your own toppings and flavours turns dessert time into a game, but making your own frozen yoghurt at home isn’t hard! You can create your own flavours and toppings, and what’s more; make them both delicious and healthier!

Plan a night in, and instead of going out to get fro-yo, get your kids to help you make your own at home. This healthier version is nutritionally approved and super simple to create.

Before you begin: Safety First!

When it comes to cooking, safety is a vital message to pass on to kids. That means washing hands, leaving knife work to the adults or older kids and, with this recipe, being careful with blender blades.

How to make frozen yoghurt

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Step 1: Fruity flavour
Choose your fruity fro-yo flavour! We picked strawberries and mango - combined with yoghurt, vanilla and lime juice, it’s one tangy mix! Blitz it till it’s smooth, getting kids to add in water if needed.

Instruction tip

While using frozen fruit can speed up the freezing process, using fresh, in-season fruit will result in a real flavour punch.

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Step 2: Ready, set…

Pour your sweet smoothie into a non-stick loaf tin and freeze for an hour.

Instruction tip

Don’t leave it in the freezer for too long, or your fro-yo will go hard!

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Step 3: Get saucy

Now for the topping! Dates are a cheeky way to make a sauce taste sweet, and they’re healthier than just adding sugar. Kids can add them to the blender and blitz with oat milk and vanilla to create a sweet and oozy caramel sauce.

Instruction tip

Depending on the size of the dates, you may need to add more milk or water to the blender.

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Step 4: Drizzle

Get kids to scoop and serve the frozen yoghurt into their own bowls, and to add toppings, too. If you set up your table like a fro-yo station, it will feel just like the real thing, only at home!

Mix things up:

This recipe adds fresh strawberries and muesli on top, but you can set out different choices for your kids. The healthiest options are nuts and seeds, as well as fresh fruit. If you involve kids in the setup process, they will be much more willing to add the items to their bowls.

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Step 5: Sweet serve

Dessert is ready! Fill up a bowl then head to the couch for your family movie.

Activity time:

When you’re serving up different fruit options, a fun game is to act out how the fruit grows, how you prepare it, how you eat it or what it looks like. If someone else guesses the fruit correctly, you can add it to your bowl!

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