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The 10 most popular recipes of 2023 in Australia

Tuscan chicken

Google search trends for 2023 have unveiled a fascinating mix of recipes that have captured the Aussie’s imagination. From the regal Coronation Quiche to Modak, a traditional Indian sweet dumpling, these top 10 recipes are a must-try. Which ones have you tried?




Modak, an Indian sweet dumpling, is traditionally offered to the deity Ganesha during the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi and searches spiked in September to tie in with the festival. These steamed dumplings made with a rice flour dough and stuffed with a sweet coconut and cardamom filling, require skilful shaping and a delicate balance of flavours. Their delicate pattern makes them look (almost) too good to eat. 

Chicken and leek pie


Chicken and leek pie

The classic recipe is a testament to traditional British cooking. This pie, with its flaky pastry and creamy filling, has hearty ingredients and a works-every-time method. The secret to a great pie lies in the pastry – it needs to be light and crisp. No waste tip: use leftover roast chicken for a richer flavour and a waste-free meal. For a vegetarian option try this recipe.

Tuscan chicken


Marry me chicken

Marry me chicken, also known as Tuscan chicken, became known for its ability to impress and (possibly) result in a proposal. Searches for this peaked in July in September, maybe thanks to the ease and convenience of the one-pot. The key lies in the creamy sauce – a perfect blend of garlic, herbs, sun-dried tomatoes, and cream. Whether you're lucky in love or leftovers, the dish makes for a great creamy chicken pasta the next day.

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Passion fruit martini


Passion fruit martini

The passion fruit martini gained fame in January for its exotic flavour profile, made with fresh passionfruit, vodka, passion fruit liqueur, lime juice, vanilla syrup and topped with prosecco. Originating in the UK, it's become a popular cocktail worldwide and will probably make the rounds in the New Year once again. The secret to a great Passion fruit Martini lies in using fresh fruit and achieving the perfect balance between sweet and tart.

Braised lamb shank


Lamb stew

Lamb stew has always been a comfort food staple and peaked in popularity at the start of winter. Its popularity lies in its simplicity and heartiness. The slow-cooking process is crucial, allowing the flavours to meld beautifully, creating a rich, comforting dish that's perfect for cold evenings. Use leftovers to create shepherd's pies, or add to a wrap with some greens for a tasty lunch. Experiment with spices to personalise this heartwarming dish.

Huli Huli Chicken


Chicken Honolulu

Chicken Honolulu, also known as Huli Huli, is a Hawaiian-inspired dish, which brings a taste of the tropics to the table and will have you hula dancing in no time. Simply pour a marinade of peach jam, pineapple juice, barbecue sauce, garlic, onion and soy sauce over chicken thighs and cook until tender. The secret to mastering this sticky dish is in the balance of sweetness from the pineapple and the savoury depth of the chicken. Tip: add pineapple, macadamia nuts and a tangy dressing to turn any leftovers into a fresh salad.

Anzac biscuits


Anzac biscuits

Who doesn’t love an Anzac biccie? Made famous by the Country Women's Association, these Aussie faves were initially baked to send to ANZAC soldiers during WWI. Achieving the perfect chewy yet crispy texture is the hallmark of a great Anzac biscuit. The best thing about this recipe? You’re likely to have most of the ingredients in your pantry. Store leftovers in an airtight container to maintain their crunch, or crumble them over ice cream for a unique dessert twist.

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coronation chicken


Coronation chicken

The original Coronation Chicken was created for Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953 and became popular again this year thanks to the King’s Coronation in May. Made with shredded chicken, mayonnaise, curry powder, mango chutney and sultanas, the secret to recreating this dish lies in balancing the curry spices with creamy mayonnaise and fruit chutney. Give leftovers the royal treatment — there's plenty to go around in wraps and sandwiches.

Cranberry & Blueberry Fruit Smoothie


Grimace shake

The Grimace Shake, inspired by the famous fast food character, became a viral sensation for its vibrant colour and unique flavour. A fun and quirky treat, it combines milk and vanilla ice-cream with frozen blueberries and strawberry jam. Blend, blend and blend for the perfect creamy texture. Use leftover berries for an added flavour burst or mix in vanilla protein powder for a post-workout shake.

Easy Cheese and Herb Impossible Quiche


Coronation quiche

The Coronation Quiche, a modern twist on the classic, became an Aussie favourite in 2023 thanks to King Charles’ Coronation in May. Its rich history dates back to royal banquets, where it served as a symbol of sophistication. Made with broad beans, spinach, cheddar cheese and a hint of tarragon, achieving the perfect silky texture in the filling and a flaky crust is key. Make it your own with your choice of cheese and veggies. Serve with a green salad as a satisfying lunch or light dinner.

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