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Get creative with Amanda's 8 best mud-cake cheats

Chock-full of chocolatey goodness, you can’t go wrong with any of these nifty hints and tips to maximise your mud cake.

mud-cake cheats
Expert Amanda

“The iconic Woolworths mud cake has been at the centre of many celebrations, from birthdays to picnics, and even weddings. These twists will have you sorted for school fêtes or personalised gifts and your friends will be amazed. Feel free to mix and match with your favourite mud-cake flavours; they’re all so versatile.”

- Amanda

Surprise mud-cake truffles


Surprise mud-cake truffles

I love to treat my loved ones to a sweet treat, and the only thing better than a mud cake is a surprise mud cake. These Oreo-filled truffles are perfect for school fêtes or gifts, and are sure to be a hit thanks to their crunchy centre. Be warned: they won’t last long!

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Caramelised mud cake truffles


Caramelised mud-cake truffles

One for lovers of the white chocolate mud cake, these fudgy, moreish truffles have only three ingredients and come together in just 25 minutes – that makes them perfect for those times you need a pick-me-up or something to nibble on over a cuppa with friends.

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Coconut Ice Mud Cake Truffles


Coconut ice mud-cake truffles

Perfectly pink and covered in coconut and sprinkles, these tasty white chocolate mud-cake truffles will delight any lucky recipient. They’re wonderfully nostalgic and a great gift for your loved ones at any time of year. 

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Chocolate-crackle mud cake truffles


Chocolate-crackle mud-cake truffles

Make the cake-worthy celebration even better with a plate of these. We’ve given a nod to joyful chocolate crackles with these rich mud-cake truffles. They’re topped with crispy puffed rice cereal for extra texture.

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Christmas Mud Cake Bauble


Christmas mud-cake bauble

Talk about a centrepiece! This impressive Christmas mud-cake bauble – decorated in colourful lollies and sprinkles – will wow any crowd. It’s the ideal simple showstopper for your festive celebration.

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Mud-cake marshmallow cookies


Mud-cake marshmallow cookies

Making wonderful use of the iconic caramel mud cake, these moreish cookies filled with marshmallows and chocolate chips come together easily and are an instant classic. It’s super fun and satisfying to roll the mud cake and smush it together with the rest of the dough.

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Reindeer layered mud cake


Reindeer layered mud cake

Who doesn’t love a reindeer? Especially when it’s another wow-worthy Christmas centrepiece. This easy cake cheat is a great family project. Get everyone together, get creative with a tub of chocolate frosting and some lollies to decorate, and let the fun begin!

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S'Mores chocolate mud cake hack


S'mores chocolate mud cake

Made using ready-made mud cake and topped with marshmallows, this ooey-gooey, easy s'mores chocolate cake recipe is the perfect cheat for those impromptu drop-ins. This one uses Easter eggs, but you can use squares of chocolate, fresh fruit (oranges or raspberries would be delicious), or anything else you have on hand.

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