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Shake things up with pancake mix

Lemon Meringue Pancakes

Get creative with these 10 pancake shaker recipes

Pancakes are more than just a breakfast treat. With the easy-to-use Woolworths pancake shaker, you can whip up not only fluffy pancakes but traybakes, scones, doughballs, and pinwheels. Whether you’re cooking for a special occasion or a casual meal, explore these versatile recipes and see what delightful dishes you can create.

Lemon Meringue Pancakes


Lemon meringue pancakes

As any citrus lover can attest, lemon is a recipe heavy-hitter – and these lemon meringue pancakes are the perfect mix of sweet and tangy. Just add lemon zest and juice to your pancake shaker and you’ll have a delicious breakfast.

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Chocolate & Espresso Pancakes


Chocolate and espresso pancakes

These chocolate and espresso pancakes are a must try. With only three steps, this recipe will take your pancakes up a notch. Plus, it’s ready in a flash, so you and your family can celebrate in no time.

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Caramelised Banana Pancake Traybake


Caramelised banana pancake traybake

This indulgent traybake is sure to be a showstopper on your breakfast spread. It features fresh bananas and blueberries, and it’s ready in just a few short steps – you’ll never think about pancakes the same way again!

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Peach & Coconut Pancake Slice


Peach and coconut pancake slice

Making breakfast for lots of people? Try this easy pancake slice recipe. Make it in large batches and just whack the whole tray in the oven, before cutting it into individual slabs. Feed your entire crew with no fuss!

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Strawberry & Cream Crepe Pinwheels


Strawberry and cream crêpe pinwheels

These adorable little pinwheel crêpes are super fun to make and even better to eat. The kids will love rolling these crêpes up. Pro tip: mix and match ingredients in the filling so there’s something for everyone!

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Chocolate berry pancake cake

Made with layers of strawberries, pears and chocolate-hazelnut spread, this delicious showstopper will have everyone at your brunch talking. It’s a perfect treat for any other occasion, too, because this recipe is deceptively simple to make and irresistibly delicious! (Try this chocolate stuffed pancake recipe too!)

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Raspberry & Choc Chip Pancake Scones


Raspberry and chocolate-chip pancake scones

Who knew pancake mix could be used to make scones? Perfect for a high tea, breakfast, or even just an on-the-go sweet treat, these scones are light and fluffy. No one will believe they’re made from a pancake shaker!

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Doughnut Muffins


Doughnut muffins

If a doughnut and a muffin had a love child, this recipe would be the result! They’re perfect for sharing and super speedy to make using pancake mix! Ready in just four steps and baked in the oven, this recipe makes breakfast as simple as can be.

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Cookies & Cream Pancakes


Cookies and cream pancakes

This delicious twist on pancakes is so good you won’t believe it started life in a pancake shaker. They’re creamy, fluffy and crunchy all at the same time, and you can make them with just four easy steps! If you prefer the flavours of cinnamon rolls, try this cinnamon drizzle pancake recipe.

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Cheat's Strawberry Slab Cake


Cheat’s strawberry slab cake

This super easy slab cake is a must if you’re cooking for lots of people. Start with a pancake shaker and in three easy steps you’ll have a delicious cake the whole family will love. Cut into perfect portions for all visitors and you can’t go wrong!

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