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Recipe ratings & reviews

How to leave a helpful recipe review

You can now rate and review Woolworths recipes you’ve tried, from Fresh Ideas magazine recipes to healthier recipes, quick dinners and seasonal ideas. Your experience in the kitchen will help others decide on the best recipes to make this week – and fast. Plus, you’ll help improve the new recipes we’re creating. Read on to find tips for writing a helpful review.

What makes a helpful review

1. Add a photo

Be sure to include a photo of the final product or even your masterpiece in progress. If it’s the best. bolognese. ever. we’d love to see it! From our test kitchen to yours, things can look a little different. Make sure your shot is well lit and in focus.

2. Be detailed

Write your review as if you were speaking to a friend, being as honest and detailed as you can. How did it taste? Was the recipe great for sharing? Did you make any ingredient swaps? Was it easy to follow? Too many ingredients? Not enough spice? Something missing? Put simply, tell us what you loved — or didn’t.

3. Get personal

We’d love to hear if you made any substitutions for dietary requirements, or if you changed up the recipe for the better. For instance, serving it with pasta instead of rice could inspire someone else to do the same. Did it need that special sauce you can only get from Woolworths? Bottom line – make it genuine.

How to review a Woolworths recipe

  • Log in and head to a recipe you’ve made.
  • Click ‘Write review’ and select a star rating.
  • Summarise what you liked about it, anything you’d change, if you tweaked the method, whether you’d make it again, plus anything else you want to say.
  • Add photos if you took some, then submit your review.
Note: Make sure you’re only reviewing Woolworths recipes you’ve tried.