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Top tips to help you find more value in your shop

Navigating rising living costs can be challenging, but we're committed to helping you find more value by sharing some of our most popular tools and tips that can help maximise savings on your shop.

Woolworths shop by best unit price


Shop by unit price

From snacks to everyday essentials, comparing unit prices is a simple way to ensure you’re getting the most value for money to make the right choice for your budget. Our Best Unit Price tool makes it easy to identify which items have the lowest unit price. As you shop, simply tap Best Unit Price to automatically put the lowest unit price options at the top of your results.

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Woolworths weekly specials


Save with Weekly Specials

Woolworths has over 6,000 Weekly Specials that are released every Wednesday. Making the most of Specials and stocking up when your favourite items are discounted, is one of the easiest ways to cut back your grocery bill.

Pro tip: Every Monday at 5pm, you can access our “sneak peek” catalogue to see some of next week's Specials, allowing you to pre-plan your shop. 

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Woolworths recipes on website


Try budget-friendly recipes

We have hundreds of budget friendly dinner ideas to help you get inspired on what to cook. Once you've chosen a recipe you can add ingredients straight to your shopping cart or List - easy!

Look for recipes that utilise ingredients you already have at home or that can be made with items that are on special, reducing waste and saving money.

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Woolworths list tool


Budget better with Lists

Our List tool helps you track your spend, savings and Everyday Rewards points in real time. This can be a game changer to pre-plan your shop, to stay on top of your budget and give you the confidence to know your total spend before you checkout.

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Woolworths own brand


No compromising with Woolworths own brands

Our passionate team of experts, including product developers, chefs and nutritionists, each play a role in bringing delicious and nutritious food products for you and your family to enjoy.

Plus, they're up to 30 per cent less on average compared to similar brands, offering you better value for your shop.

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Woolworths Everyday Rewards


Be rewarded for your shop

Our Everyday Rewards program lets you collect points on every purchase. Every 2,000 points you collect you’ll receive $10 off and to maximise your earnings don’t forget to boost your weekly offers. Sign up, collect points with each shop, and use your rewards to save on your groceries. 

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Woolworths Everyday Extra


Save 10% on your groceries every month

Save up to $50 every month with 10% off one shop monthly, collect 2x points on every shop and more with Everyday Extra. For a limited time, get 50% off your first year. T&Cs apply.

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