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Plan your vegan Christmas menu

Vegan pavlova with kiwi and paw paw

Festive feasting for everyone

Celebrating Christmas with vegan family members this year? Discover our guide of tasty vegan options to hero in your festive spread.


Vegan snacks, salads and starter recipes

From homemade vegan cheese through to delicious vegan canapes such as cauliflower arancini balls, transform your Christmas feast into a vegan’s delight. Try these tasty recipes.



Vegan mains

Get creative with your mains by stuffing tofu instead of turkey or swapping beef for sweet potato in a scrumptious Wellington using vegan puff pastry and vegan margarine. Discover our selection of scrumptious vegan mains.


Vegan dessert recipes

Turn your Christmas desserts into divine plant-based creations. While cream, eggs and butter may be off the table, did you know that you can create a vegan pavlova using the liquid from a can of chickpeas? We promise it still tastes just as sweet and delicious. Try these today.


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