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8 recipe twists to add more greens to your meals

Zoodles With Pepita Pesto

Go for green with these healthier recipes

Looking for cooking-with-greens inspo? Discover our easy tips, fresh swaps and tasty recipes with healthy twists that will have you incorporating more green vegies into your meals in no time.

10-Minute Vegan Pesto Bowl


Use zucchini instead of spaghetti

For a healthy and delicious twist on traditional pasta, try zoodles; thin ribbons of fresh zucchini that resemble strands of pasta. Don’t have a spiraliser? You can find 250g packets of fresh zucchini spaghetti in the refrigerated section of the fruit and vegetable aisle. Try them in this 10-minute vegan pesto bowl or a mouth-watering zoodles with pepita pesto.

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Healthier Omelette With Greens


Add a pop of green to breakfast

If you love eggs for breakfast, try adding baby spinach, peas and dill to your omelette. This is an easy way to up your vegie intake first thing in the morning, and make it a colourful start to the day.

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Healthier Mini Cob Loaf Dips


Put a twist on the classic cob loaf

Looking for a tasty starter that also packs in the veg? These healthier mini cob loaf dips are delicious served with Qukes baby cucumbers and sliced capscium to dip into the creamy kale and ricotta filling.

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Grilled Asparagus & Cheese Toast


Quick and easy cooking with asparagus

Get your green on and enjoy the mouth-watering flavour combo of asparagus and cheddar with this grilled asparagus and cheese toast

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Grilled Chicken Tacos


Make a homemade salsa to use on tacos

An easy way to add more greens to family-favourite tacos is with a refreshing salsa made using fresh herbs and spring onions. You can also add spinach to the taco filling. Give it a go with these grilled chicken tacos.

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4-Step Meat-Free Pizza


Use rocket as a pizza topping

Add a pop of peppery flavour to your pizzas with rocket. Try this 4-step meat-free pizza for an easy, no-fuss way to add greens to a classic dish.

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Healthier Sausage Rolls


Sneak vegies into homemade sausage rolls

For fussier eaters, add grated zucchini to the mince filling for sausage rolls. They won’t even know there’s vegies inside!

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Healthier Thai Green Curry


Up the greens in a thai green curry

A fragrant curry is a great vessel for vegies. This Thai green curry is bursting with greens and most of them are all pre-chopped, making this meal super easy to whip up.

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