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10 ways to make stroganoff

best slow cooker beef stroganoff

Shake up dinner time with these twists on classic beef stroganoff

When we think of retro family favourites that still make it onto our dinner tables, beef stroganoff is top of mind - along with a classic apricot chicken and weeknight spag bol. While stroganoff is typically made with pan-fried beef, creamy sauce and served with rice or pasta, below you'll find ten recipes that put a modern twist on the traditional flavours you love. Choose from meat-free stroganoff, healthier stroganoff and even traybake stroganoff, which are just as delectable (if not more) than the classic recipe. Let’s get cooking.

chicken stroganoff


Chicken stroganoff traybake

Stroganoff isn’t just reserved for the stove. Take this family favourite dish and turn it into a glorious traybake made with chicken. This recipe draws on the same creamy stroganoff sauce with the addition of succulent chicken and fuss-free method — a true crowd-pleaser. Serve with greens for extra veg.

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chicken stroganoff pies


Stroganoff pie

Two of the most comforting dishes combine in this recipe: stroganoff and pie. The flaky pastry top gives way to a warming, hearty chicken and mushroom base. Ready in 30 minutes, these individual stroganoff pies are a delight from the first mouthful.

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vegan stroganoff


Vegan stroganoff

Take the family favourite recipe and turn it into a moreish vegan stroganoff. It’s a satisfying dish that substitutes meat for portobello mushrooms, with the addition of egg-free pasta, coconut cream and veggie stock to achieve the richness you’re after. Ready in 25 minutes, this vegan twist on stroganoff is the perfect, plant-based answer to ‘what’s for dinner?’.

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stroganoff soup


Stroganoff soup

Stroganoff gets a makeover in this soup recipe. It’s creamy, rich and oh-so cosy — it ticks all the comfort food boxes. Made with tender veal and served with crispy homemade polenta toasts, there’s no question this recipe delivers on both texture and flavour.

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beef stroganoff


Slow-cooked stroganoff

Simply prep, set and forget this one-pot beef stroganoff: in 8 hours (or 4 hours on a higher setting) you’ll be serving up beef that falls apart over sauce-drenched pappardelle. It’s the perfect way to beat the mid-week hustle while satisfying any stroganoff craving. Don’t forget a dollop of sour cream.

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stroganoff ravioli


Stroganoff ravioli

Two dinner favourites collide with this authentic beef stroganoff recipe served over mushroom and ricotta ravioli. Pillowy ravioli and thin slices of beef are tossed in a doubly thick sauce (thanks to double cream and crème fraiche). Cue: stomachs rumbling. All in all, this stroganoff recipe is nothing short of tremendous.

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meat free stroganoff


Meat-free stroganoff

Want an alternative to beef stroganoff? Here it is. There’s lots to love about this meat-free stroganoff: it’s loaded with mushrooms, ready in 30 minutes and tastes rich and creamy. How’s that for a quick weeknight dinner? Pair your stroganoff with zucchini noodles, fettuccine or fluffy potato mash, and top with feta for extra zing. You’ll make this recipe again and again.

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meatball stroganoff


Meatball stroganoff

Replace beef strips for delicious pork and veal meatballs in this 30-minute stroganoff recipe. You’ll love the ease of this four-step recipe made all in one pan. Plus, serve with veggie rice of your choosing, like sweet potato, cauliflower or broccoli; just about anything goes with stroganoff. While leftovers keep well, we’re not sure there’ll be any.

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chicken stroganoff


Chicken stroganoff

Not a fan of beef? This chicken stroganoff is sure to please the whole family with its rich, vibrant, gravy-like sauce. Classic stroganoff flavours translate as well to chicken as they do to beef — but let your family be the judge. Pair with your favourite pasta, bread or potato mash to soak up all that creaminess. Everyone will be at the table in 25 minutes.

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healthier stroganoff


Healthier stroganoff

Feel like a meal that balances wholesome with comforting? Opt for our tried and tested healthier stroganoff. Made with seared beef, the recipe stays true to authentic stroganoff flavours, all the while paired with a generous serve of baby peas and zucchini noodles.

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