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8 ways to use leftovers from your BBQ

mexican sausage bean salad

Stretch your BBQ leftovers

BBQs often entail feasting on a bounty, leaving you with heaps of leftovers. Instead of dreading repetitive BBQ meals, envision the potential. Reimagining BBQ leftovers can not only save you money but also add flair to your week's menu. No more 'BBQ déjà vu – we're turning these leftovers into budget-friendly, guest-worthy finger foods, hearty lunches, and diverse dinners.

Storage tips:

Storing leftover barbecued items isn't rocket science. Just remember to separate meats, placing them in airtight containers or wrapped in aluminium foil. Promptly refrigerate, storing in the fridge for up to four days or in the freezer for a month.

Reheating tips:

Keeping your BBQ leftovers tender upon reheating is key. For meat and seafood, gentle reheating in a covered skillet with a splash of stock can prevent dryness. Always defrost frozen meat and seafood in the fridge and ensure thorough reheating, especially for processed meats like sausages.

sausage roll


Leftover sausage

Sausages, the budget-friendly BBQ staple, often see themselves left over post-feast. But they're ideal for reinventing any dish. Diced, they can be mixed into a cheesy pasta bake, providing a savoury twist to a weeknight dinner. Sliced and layered over a marinara base, they give a pizza an enhanced rustic touch.

For breakfast, imagine them scrambled with eggs, spinach, and feta, making mornings worth waking up for. Ever thought of tossing them in soups? Their rich flavour can uplift a simple vegetable broth. Lastly, as appetisers for your next gathering, sausage rolls or 'pigs in a blanket' are budget-friendly crowd-pleasers.

bbq chicken


Leftover BBQ chicken

Your BBQ chicken is not just a one-meal wonder. Cut up leftovers  and they'll perfectly complement a tangy orange chicken stir fry. Use them to add depth to your quesadillas, by pairing with cheese, jalapenos, and a drizzle of sour cream. Remember, BBQ chicken packs flavour, which means salads no longer have to be bland. A BBQ chicken Caesar salad? Yes, please! You can also convert them into tasty chicken salad sandwiches with mayo, celery, and cranberries. And if you’re seeking more, dive into this  extensive leftover chicken guide for a plethora of ideas.

bbq prawn


Leftover BBQ seafood

Spring and summer barbecues often feature a seafood feast, which you can easily repurpose into budget-friendly meals. With leftover fish, imagine zesty fish cakes with a side of tartar sauce or spicy fish tacos topped with coleslaw. Prawns? They're fabulous when served cold. Skewer them for appetisers, paired with a tangy dip. For weeknight meals, seafood easily becomes the star in creamy pastas or spicy tacos. Or try a seafood chowder, where your grilled fish and prawns impart a smokey dimension to soup, making it extra hearty.

tortilla cups


Leftover burger patties

Don’t throw away your leftover burgers, you can easily repurpose them into a completely new meal. Those juicy patties can lead a double life - crumble them up, and they become the heartiest ingredient for chilli, cottage pies, or stuffed veggies. If they're veggie-based, try these spicy stuffed capsicums, where the mince brings taste and  texture. And if you're thinking of sandwiches, a crumbled patty with caramelised onions and cheese makes for a mouth-watering sandwich filling or toastie.

steak sandwich


Leftover BBQ beef

Got leftover steak or brisket? Slice that steak thinly and layer onto beef tacos, drizzled with a zesty sauce. Or toss over salads, pairing with blue cheese and walnuts. For a quick and easy no-cook lunch, pop into rice paper rolls with a little shredded cucumber, carrot and bean sprouts. Short on time and need dinner on the table in under 20 minutes? Toss into this aromatic Korean rice bowl.  Brisket can be shredded and wrapped in tortillas, or mixed into a spicy beef and bean chilli. And those skewered beef kebabs? De-skewer, mix with capsicum, onions, and sauces to create a hearty beef stir fry.

pork nachos


Leftover BBQ pulled pork

Pulled pork is a versatile meat which can be cleverly repurposed into many different meals. Try it layered in nachos with cheese, jalapenos, and sour cream. Or in sliders, paired with a tangy BBQ sauce and coleslaw. Fancy Chinese takeaway at home? Toss your leftover meat into this pork and vegetable stir fry and you’ll have an authentic Asian meal without having to pick up the phone. Leftover ribs? Simply shred the meat off the bones, and use as you would with pulled pork on top of jalapeno pizza or in a burrito with avocado and slaw for a quick and easy weeknight winner. It's an ingenious way to reinvent them.

BBQ lamb


Leftover BBQ lamb

Lamb, with its distinct flavour, can be the star in various dishes. Mixed into a rice pilaf or spicy biryani is a great way to enjoy a cheap Indian meal at home.  Fancy Italian? Try it tossed into a melt-in-the-mouth ragu sauce for pasta, for a great budget-friendly weeknight winner, the whole family will love. You can also throw in a lamb curry sandwich, where the BBQ flavour compliments the spices. Shredded lamb on pizzas or in wraps  provides a Mediterranean slant. And for a unique Mexican twist, how about lamb enchiladas? For a party gathering, lamb rolls with mint sauce will surely impress.

zucchini fritters


Leftover BBQ vegetables

BBQ veggies are a treasure trove of flavours perfect for reinventing in easy-to-make lunches and dinners. Toss them into stews or blend to make creamy soups, the options are endless. Transform into fritters by adding some flour and eggs and a few little extras. Try these corn and haloumi fritters for a quick Sunday brunch. You can also fold your veggies into a quiche or frittata like this salmon and spring vegetable quiche. Layer in tarts or pies, paired with cheese like this hearty veggie lasagna or layered vegetable bake . Or