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What to do with leftover cheese

Cheese board

Savvy tips and recipes for all of your leftover cheese

A carefully curated cheese platter is the epitome of indulgence, whether to kick off a gathering or conclude a dinner. Yet, post-celebration, those scrumptious cheese remnants often leave us puzzled. Fret not! Transform those leftover pieces into delectable dishes perfect for alfresco summer dining, and store them optimally with our expert advice.

Storage tips:

Refrigeration: Remember, most cheeses can stay out for up to two hours. Storing in the fridge? Soft cheeses remain fresh for up to a week, while hard ones last up to three weeks. Ensure your semi-hard, soft, and semi-soft cheeses, like cheddar or camembert, are in an airtight container. Fresh ones, on the other hand, like mozzarella, should remain in their original packaging.

Freezing tips:

Grate hard cheeses, stash them in a ziplock bag, and they're good to go in the freezer for up to six months. However, fresh and soft cheeses don’t fare well frozen, so avoid stashing in those in icy temps.

Cheese baking


Cheesy baking

Reimagine your leftovers in the oven! Mix grated cheddar or parmesan into dough for an extra cheesy delight. From airy cheese and chive popovers to hearty cheesy pumpkin scones, you transform a humble piece of cheese into baked perfection, suitable for any occasion. For more leftover ideas see here.

cheesy canapes


Cheesy canapes

Elevate party snacks with a cheese twist. Skewer bocconcini with tomatoes and basil for tortellini caprese, or sprinkle spicy three-cheese jalapenos with feta. Have leftovers like brie? Create bite-sized smoked salmon and pesto tartlets. Every nibble is low waste and full of cheesy goodness.

Cheesy toastie


Cheesy toasties

The classic comfort food! Melted cheese, crispy bread; what's not to love? A D'Orsogna triple smoked ham and leek toastie or  cheesy garlic bread are tantalising choices. Every bite is an oozy, mouthwatering journey back to favourite childhood memories. Time to heat up the sandwich press.  Plus, revive your leftover bread by adding some garlic and some cheese to make delicious toasties and more.

cheese board


Cheesy tarts

Turn cheeseboard remnants into star dishes: A cheeseboard-inspired galette with goat’s cheese, brie, and a touch of blue shows the adaptability of cheese. Each serving is a celebration of creamy textures and deep flavours. For more ideas on how to use up your leftover veggies see here.

Blue cheese mayo


Cheesy sauces

Elevate your mains with sauces that ooze charm. A rich cheddar-based bechamel sauce, baked fondue or a punchy blue cheese mayo can transform the ordinary into extraordinary. Whether you drizzle or drench, satisfaction is a guarantee.

cheese biscuits


Cheesy bites

Perfect for on-the-go snacking, cheese brings that ultimate flavour punch. Whip up some baked parmesan crisps or unique cheesy avocado crackers offer a crunchy experience that's hard to resist. It's an inventive yet simple way to make leftover cheese go the extra mile.

Creamy mushroom loaded fries


Cheesy toppings

Cheesy toppings add that extra layer of tastiness, whether it’s an artichoke and parmesan bake or a hearty meatball dish, these recipes prove the versatility of cheese. Sprinkled or layered, it provides a gourmet twist to everyday meals or leftover pasta, making them truly shine on your dining table.

French onion soup


Cheesy soups

Infuse your soups with the richness of cheese. Imagine a bowl of hot soup, crowned with melted Gruyère or cheddar, or a cheesy chicken-noodle soup. It's a warm, cheesy hug in a bowl, perfect for a chilly evening.

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