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10 essential Easter sweets and desserts everyone will love

Easter bunny cupcakes

Elevate Easter celebrations with our guide to the essential desserts everyone will adore

Whether you're looking for an easy Easter dessert recipe or clever hacks for Easter leftovers, we've got you covered, with both vegan and gluten-free options to explore. From whipping up a batch of fluffy pancakes that kids will love to using leftover Easter chocolate eggs in homemade brownies, our selection of sweet treats is sure to please. Indulge in our sensational selection and get savvy in the kitchen this Easter. Let’s hop into it.

Hot Cross Bun Slab Pudding With White Chocolate Custard


Hot cross buns

Don't miss out on the scrumptiousness of leftover Easter hot cross buns. These beloved treats come in many varieties, from fruity to chocolatey. Learn how to make hot cross buns from scratch, or indulge with our mouth-watering hacks for store-bought buns. Check out our hot cross buns guide for a collection of creative ways to use these buns. Then, pop them into Easter baskets, and celebrate the season with every delectable bite. 

Hot cross bun recipes

Creme Egg Chocolate Brownies



Looking for a truly indulgent Easter treat? Try these decadent brownies. They’re perfect for using up leftover Easter chocolate eggs, and they're also a sweet take on decorated eggs — simply cut them into egg shapes and top with pastel frosting. For the ultimate indulgence, add a gooey cream-filled chocolate Easter egg on top. Discover our irresistible brownie recipes below, perfect for any Easter party.

Brownie recipes

Easter Bunny Pancakes



Make your family Easter brunch unforgettable with mouth-watering pancake recipes. Whether you're looking for fluffy homemade pancakes, easy pancake mixes or healthier options, you’re spoilt for choice. Get creative with toppings, and add a festive touch to your Easter breakfast. For an extra special treat, try our pancake art recipe. It turns pancakes into sweet Easter shapes and characters. Check out our best Easter pancake recipes below, master the ins and outs of making pancakes or find even more inspiration here.

Pancake recipes

Easter nest cookies


Cookies & biscuits

​​Looking for easy Easter treats that kids will love? Our adorable cookie and biscuit recipes fit the bill. These decorative treats perfectly punctuate any Easter dessert spread, with options to turn them into cute bunnies or ice them with pretty pastels. And for a chocolate twist, try adding some chocolate chips or decorating them with chocolate eggs. These recipes are also a fun activity for school holidays, keeping kids entertained and happy. Discover our Easter favourites below and make this year's Easter celebration one to remember.

Cookie & biscuit recipes

Layered carrot cake


Carrot cake

Get inspired with our collection of easy carrot cake ideas. Turn your hand to classic carrot cakes, or try something new with innovative twists on this beloved treat. Sink your teeth into a moist and fluffy cake, bursting with sweet carrots, warm spices and a rich cream cheese frosting. Or go all out with a decadent carrot cake layered with velvety, zesty orange buttercream. With our easy carrot cake recipes, you can elevate any occasion with the perfect dessert. Why settle for ordinary when you can indulge in extraordinary? Check out our collection, and discover carrot cake recipes that the Easter Bunny will want to steal.

Carrot cake recipes

Hot Cross Bun Ice-Cream Layer Cake


Layer cake

Get ready to elevate your dessert game with our irresistible collection of layer cake recipes, ideal for bringing the family together. From classic vanilla sponge to indulgent chocolate creations, you'll love this selection of Easter cake recipes. They'll add a festive touch to any celebration. Picture a show-stopping layer cake, filled with luscious buttercream and topped with fresh berries — or even hot cross buns. Or imagine a rich, decadent chocolate and blackberry cake, layered with fluffy meringue. With this collection of layer cake recipes, the possibilities are endless.

Layer cake recipes

Easter bunny cupcakes



Easter cupcakes open up a world of sweetness. These easy-to-make treats are perfect for satisfying any sweet craving. From classic vanilla to chocolate decadence, our cupcake recipes will impress kids and kids-at-heart. Picture cute and colourful cupcakes, decorated with pastel frosting and topped with mini eggs. Or indulge in rich chocolate orange cupcakes, topped with velvety frosting. With our easy-to-follow recipes, you can create bakery-worthy cupcakes in no time. 

Whether baking for your family or hosting an Easter gathering, our collection of tempting Easter cupcake recipes will bring a smile to everyone’s faces and totally satisfy their tastebuds.

Cupcake recipes

Fig & Pistachio Trifle Pots



​​Easter trifle recipes are the ideal way to use up leftover Easter chocolate, hot cross buns, cake and more, turning them into a stunning showstopper dessert. With layers of creamy custard, fluffy whipped cream and a variety of textures and flavours, each bite of these Easter trifles is heavenly. These easy-to-follow recipes mean you don't have to be an expert baker to create a masterpiece. Whether you're hosting a family gathering or just indulging in something sweet, these recipes reveal a whole new world of using up your leftover Easter treats.

Triffle recipes

Peanut Butter-Filled Easter Chocolates


Gluten-free Easter desserts

Celebrate the season with our collection of gluten-free Easter desserts, ideal for satisfying any sweet tooth. Whether you're looking for an easy Easter cake or a festive Easter egg dessert, we've got you covered with our easy gluten-free recipes perfect for coeliacs and those with dietary requirements. 

Create delicious, indulgent desserts so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the festivities. Enjoy moist, fluffy gluten-free cake cookies, or chocolatey pecan and caramel brownies. So whether you have a dietary requirement or just want to try something new, our gluten-free Easter dessert collection is sure to delight.