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Veeda tampons are made with ultra-absorbent all-natural cotton for reliable leak-proof protection. Designed with specialized grooves for added absorption and all-natural cotton string for easy removal. The idea behind Veeda was to offer a premium, healthy, and affordable alternative to the traditional, synthetic, and often chemical-filled personal care products which have gone unchanged for decades. We created these products with all women in mind, especially those looking to live a healthier lifestyle and make changes for the better. Veeda products are made with pure, hypoallergenic, 100% natural cotton. Veeda is safe, effective, earth-friendly and affordable. Veeda stands for life and knowledge. The more you know, the more reasons you will have to choose Veeda. We are committed to complete transparency in all we do, from educating consumers to selecting ingredients, down to sustainable manufacturing and recyclable packaging. We are committed to being better for you, better for the planet.


100% NATURAL COTTON, 100 % cotton pledget
hydrophobic cotton thread



1) Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after inserting a tampon.
2) Remove the colored tear strip and unwrap the bottom half of the covering.
Carefully unwind the withdrawal string.
3) While holding the string and tampon firmly, tug the string once to ensure that it?s securely attached.
4) Place your finger on the end of the tampon with the withdrawal string and remove any remaining
wrapping. Relax and put yourself in a comfortable position, either sitting with legs apart or standing
with one leg raised and resting on the toilet lid.
5) With the other hand, carefully open the labia.
6) Insert the tampon with your finger at an angle, aiming for the small of your back. If you feel
resistance, change direction when inserting. If you can still feel the tampon, it needs to be inserted
deeper. The withdrawal string should now be hanging outside the vagina, ready for removing the
tampon. When you're finished, wash your hands.
By lightly tugging on the withdrawal cord you will be able to tell if it is time to change the tampon.
If the tampon does not move, it is not saturated and there is no need to change. Though your needs
will depend on your individual flow, you should change your tampon 3-6 times a day. You should
never leave a tampon in for more than 8 hours. We recommend that, on each day of your period,
you use the lowest absorbency tampon needed to suit that day?s flow.
1) Relax and gently pull the withdrawal string so that the tampon slides out. It is easiest to remove a
tampon when it is fully saturated. If you have problems removing the tampon, it could be because
the tampon is not yet fully saturated.
2) If you cannot find the withdrawal string it can usually be reached from a squatting position using
your fingers. Remember to remove the current tampon before inserting another and always
remember to remove the last tampon at the end of your period.
Wrap up the used tampon securely and dispose of it in a trash bin. We recommend you use an
alternative means of disposal other than the sewage system.
Some periods are heavy and others light, young girls differ from post - childbirth women, and a
woman?s choice of contraception can affect menstruation. This is why Veeda tampons were
designed in a range of absorbencies:
- Regular absorbency, between 6 and 9 grams, is suitable for light to medium flow.
- Super absorbency, between 9 and 12 grams, is suitable for medium to heavy flow.
- Super Plus absorbency, between 12 and 15 grams, is suitable for heavy flow.
A tampon should be changed every 4 - 8 hours. If you need to change it more often than that, try a
tampon with a higher absorbency rating. If changing your tampon is uncomfortable and the tampon
still shows white after the recommended time, try a tampon with a lower absorbency rating.
Select the absorbency rating that suits your menstrual flow and always choose the smallest size to
lower your risk of developing TSS. Never use bigger tampons to extend the time a single tampon may
be used. Never exceed 8 hours of use with a single tampon and do not use overnight.

Health and Product Warnings

Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a rare but very serious (possibly fatal) illness that can occur in men,
women and children. It is caused by a toxin (a kind of biological poison) that is produced by a type of
bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus) that is frequently present in humans. Almost half of all cases occur
amongst menstruating women and girls, especially teenagers and women under 30 years of age.
TSS can occur without tampons but has been connected with the use of tampons. TSS can be fatal
and must therefore be recognized and treated early. The symptoms of TSS can appear suddenly
during or just after menstruation and they closely resemble the flu. The symptoms below will not all
necessarily occur at the same time:
- High fever (>102°F) and chills
- Fainting, dizziness, weakness
- Vomiting, diarrhea, or both
- Headache, muscular pain, sore throat
- Sunburn-like rash
If these symptoms appear you must:
1) Remove your tampon;
2) Seek medical attention immediately;
3) Tell your doctor that you are menstruating and that you have been informed about TSS.
TSS can recur both with and without the use of tampons. If you have suffered from TSS, or are
concerned about TSS, please consult your doctor before resuming tampon use. Or consider using
sanitary napkins.
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