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How to make a cheese platter

Learn how to make an expert cheese platter. The trick is to add variety, texture and levels. Shop cheese, cured meats and antipasto, grapes, bread, and crackers, and start assembling.


Follow our top tips to make an elegant cheese platter.
Choose a variety of different cheese flavours and textures.
One strong cheese like a blue.
Soft cheeses like camembert and brie, along with an aged cheddar.
Add a nutty-flavoured gouda and a fresh cheese, like feta.
The cheese is at its best flavour when served at room temperature.
Remember to remove your cheeses from the fridge at 30 minutes in advance.
Choose a simple white platter or a more rustic wooden board.
Start with the soft cheeses paired with sweet fruits like grapes, apricots or fruit paste.
Next the cheddar and gouda.
Followed by feta in a small dish, then the blue.
Cured meats pair well with cheddar or gouda.
Make a rose out of the prosciutto, roll slices of salami and skewer with an olive, and fold larger cuts of meat.
For a splash of colour, add cherry tomatoes.
Crowding the platter or board will make your cheese platter look generous and rich.
Fill the empty spaces with bread, crackers and thin breadsticks.
Use different textures and shapes.
Don’t be afraid to spill over the board.
Add a few smaller dishes or bowls for elements like olives or nuts of your choice.
This cheese and meat platter will wow your family and friends.

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