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Meet José

Cook with the Fresh Ideas expert and learn his favourite Filipino dish.

Hi, I’m José. I’m a dad, a Woolworths team member of 20 years and I love cooking at home.

I’m all about quick, healthy and family-friendly meals, as well as fuss-free snacks for the kids. 

I love how food can create memories and enjoy teaching my daughter, Esme, how to make traditional Filipino dishes. I treasure spending that time with her in the kitchen and teaching her how to cook. My biggest tip is to prep everything before you start cooking, it makes everything quicker and less messy.

This Misua recipe is a hearty, healthy Filipino staple. It’s a very special family recipe I grew up eating. My parents have passed it down to me. It reminds me of gathering around the dinner table with my mum and dad and feeling full of food and love. I'm so excited to share it with you.

My three must-have ingredients are garlic, onion and tomato (they’re all essential to my Misua recipe) too!

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