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Meet Nicky

 Get to know the Fresh Ideas Magazine Manager and her love of artisan cheese.

Hi, I’m Nicky Harper, and I've been part of the Woolworths team for nearly two decades.

As the Fresh Ideas Magazine Manager, I create exciting recipes, tips and advice to inspire you to try something new. I love hearing your feedback, so don’t be afraid to get in touch.

I love cooking because it gives me a chance to relax, get creative and have fun in the kitchen. At home, I love to listen to music (anything 90s is my favourite!) while experimenting with new recipes. I find this playful approach is great for your body and mind. My kids roll their eyes, but secretly they love it.

I thrive on introducing different cuisines to my son and having competitive bake-offs against my mum at family events (the rest of the family votes, but I usually win).

My favourite ingredients are chocolate, pasta, some good quality wine now and again, and of course cheese for my ultimate cheese board.

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