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Meet Tam

Get to know the Woolworths Food Director and Fresh Ideas expert.

Hi, I’m Tamara Graffen, the Food Director at Woolworths, and I’m obsessed with food.

Whether it’s baking up a storm for my friends’ birthdays or testing Fresh Ideas recipes, I love nothing more than sitting down with my nearest and dearest for a delicious feast and enjoying plenty of belly laughs.

Food is unquestionably my love language. I just love how cooking can be a way for people to express themselves, show generosity and start conversations. Just like these hot chocolate cookies.

When I’m not digging into some spicy noodles, I’m likely playing with my gorgeous chihuahua, Apples, or testing out a new recipe on my husband Tim. Yes, we’re Tim and Tam. 

When it comes to recipes I always say, the fewer ingredients, the better. My three favourites are fresh lemons, Greek natural yoghurt and pickled jalapeños.

My number one cooking tip is to choose ingredients that give you a head start on flavour: think smoked spices, zingy condiments and, of course, those punchy pickled jalapeños.

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